Lisa Lampanelli – Lap-Band Surgery, Exercise and Lifestyle Change

Lisa Lampanelli had been dangerously gaining weight that she had to get a lap-band surgery in 2012. After the procedure, this famous stand-up comedienne lost around 100 pounds.
But aside from taking the procedure, this 58-year-old star also decided to have a much healthier lifestyle and started eating healthy food. She even revealed that exercising played a critical role to help her emotionally and keep the weight off. A self-proclaimed food addict, Lampanelli now bid her goodbye to all unhealthy snacks. To some degree, she is now enjoying her new lifestyle.

Rex Ryan – Gastric Sleeve Surgery and Lap-Band Procedure

You may know Rex Ryan for all the controversies he has been through, but he made the headlines for a different reason back in 2012. The former football coach was the hot topic not because of his infamous big mouth but because of his weight.
The ESPN analyst has managed to lose 100 pounds after reaching 348 pounds, giving credits to a lab-band procedure. He also revealed that he already got a gastric sleeve surgery back in 2010 after trying a million diet plans that didn’t work. Ryan is now busy being an analyst that may have helped him pay his home insurance.

Elvis Presley – Sleeping Beauty Diet

When Elvis Presley was still alive, he faced a lot of health problems due to his massive calorie intake. The King of Rock and Roll used to be obsessed with food that he started to gain too much body weight.
To control his food intake and get his old shape back, there were rumors that he tried the sleeping beauty diet. The iconic performer reportedly slept for several days to skip eating and lose the extra fats. But instead of helping him, this method and his unconventional food consumption and drug intake resulted in more health issues that even led to his demise. We just hoped Presley already had insurance at that time.

William Moody – Gastric Sleeve Surgery

William Moody made a name for himself as the famous manager of The Undertaker (Mark William Calaway), ring name Paul Bearer and Percival ‘Percy’ Pringle III. Also known as the professional undertaker, he struggled with weight issues since time immemorial. When he had gastric bypass surgery in 2003, he was happy to see some of his body parts again that he hadn’t seen in ages. In the process, the late star managed to lose 300 pounds after 20 years.
The gastric sleeve surgery he got was only a sign-up bonus when he renewed his contract with WWE. Moody met his demise in 2013, and we hoped an insurance company had helped his family to cover all the expenses.

Anne Diamond – Lap-Band Surgery and Diet

Anne Diamond got a lap-band procedure and other surgeries to lose weight back in 2005. This 64-year-old broadcaster believes a gastric bypass procedure cannot turn someone into a Catherine Zeta-Jones in an instant. So she opted for gastric band surgery which destroyed her relationship with food.
The journalist no longer craves for junk food and is now on a sugar-free diet. By the looks of it, a change in your diet can help you lose weight that you will never need surgery. This way, you can just put your funds in an investment account.

Drew Barrymore – Diet

A lot of people were shocked when they saw Drew Barrymore pack on the pounds. The once baby-face star seemed to be overweight so she decided to lose those unwanted fats.
When she was filming the Netflix original series Santa Clarita Diet, this 44-year-old star adopted a low-carb diet based on the techniques of Kimberly Snyder. Since then, she managed to lose 20 pounds and now looks better than ever. With a $125 million net worth, Barrymore has all the means to use it or her credit cards to buy everything she needs to lose weight.

Anne Hegerty-Diet

Anne Hegerty, 61, is The Chase quiz star who won  hearts on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here. She has achieved some weight loss in recent years. How did Anne do it?Anne explained her weight loss was all down to the lack of salt in the camp and her body rejecting rice.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Anne Hegerty has opened up recently about how her weight loss was key when it came to dating again.Due to her diagnosis with Asperger’s syndrome, Anne revealed she has struggled to date in the past.However,Anne Hegerty’s weight loss helped her gain the confidence to look for love again.

Jessica Simpson – Diet

Just like every expectant mom, Jessica Simpson gained weight when she was pregnant. After she gave birth, this 39-year-old star wanted to remove those baby fats so she adopted the Weight Watchers diet program.
The famed singer managed to lose 60 pounds in the process and then she switched to an all-vegan diet to continuously lose weight. This helped Simpson achieve a sexier figure before exchanging vows with Eric Johnson in 2014. Both of them work for their family’s future and they probably have a home security system to keep everyone safe.

Sara Rue – Diet and Workout

Sara Rue is a famous TV show host for Shedding for the Wedding who created her own weight loss program to shed the extra pounds she got. This 40-year-old star crafted a well-thought workout and diet that would be applicable for health, body, and strength.
Some say Rue’s diet is a very doable one that everyone can follow it. She managed to lose 50 pounds but chose not to make it sensationalize, given that most American women under the age of 20 suffer from body-image issues. Rue may start her own business by crafting a unique weight loss program for specific for each individual by opting for a business loan.

Candace Cameron – Diet

Candace Cameron had been struggling with her body weight for many years until she decided to end her suffering and focused on losing weight. The Fuller House star started following a strict diet and then she visibly saw the results of her effort in no time.
This 43-year-old star now feels better about her body. She believes she is more fit today than any other time in her life. Cameron now has three children and is working hard so that they won’t need student loans in the future.