Hollywood’s Brightest Stars Share Their Most Effective Weight Loss Method

Jonathan Antoine –Diet

Jonathan’s problems began when he started being bullied at school. ‘I’ve been overweight for as long as I can remember and I stood out because of my size,’ he recalls.Jonathan Antoine from Britain’s Got Talent looks completely different today! The star lost tons of weight and we think the transformation is amazing! He began eating healthier and started exercising as well.Britain’s Got Talent contestant Jonathan Antoine looks nothing like he did a few years ago; he’s lost a bunch of weight and let’s be real, he looks great! He changed his diet and started living a healthier lifestyle, and it seems to be working out pretty well for him.

Matthew McConaughey – Diet

Matthew McConaughey rose to fame after working on the 1993 film Dazed and Confused. This 49-year-old star persevered and made himself an investment whenever it came to doing movies and choosing his roles.
When doing different characters, McConaughey makes sure he gives his best and was able to gain or lose weight for his roles. In Dallas Buyers Club, he lost 42 pounds by following a strict diet of only eating greens and no meat. Since it is dangerous to suddenly lose and gain too much weight, he may need to have insurance for his health.

Timothy Spall – Diet and Exercise

Timothy Spall surprised everyone with his body transformation. Some thought the Harry Potter star suffered from illness with his sudden weight loss after he graced the 2016 Venice Film Festival. However, this 62-year-old actor revealed that he achieved his new body mainly through diet.
Spall started eating healthier to lose weight and he coupled it with exercise to hasten the process. He also stopped drinking alcohol to maintain his new figure. With his hard work and effort, the actor managed to lose 60 pounds. We wonder if he needed personal loans to do this.

Carnie Wilson – Gastric Bypass Surgery and Lap-Band Procedure

Carnie Wilson is the daughter of the famous musician and Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson. Just like her father, this 51-year-old star entered the music industry. However, this Wilson Phillips group member has been battling obesity all her life.
After her group got disbanded, she started gaining a lot of weight. To control her weight gain, the television host decided to get gastric bypass surgery. After the procedure, she still found it hard to follow a healthy diet, so she returned to a doctor to get a lap-band process. With all these hardships, we should give Carnie all the credit for her efforts.

Jennifer Gimenez – Gym and Diet

Jennifer Gimenez is a famous reality television personality, model, and actress. However, there are rumors that for this 42-year-old star to stay in the modeling world, she had to follow a harmful diet and spend long hours in the gym. The stress that caused these rigorous weight loss methods reportedly led her to substance abuse.
The Vanilla Sky actress struggled with alcohol addiction and drug abuse for years. Fortunately, she managed to become clean with the help of a rehab program. But it caused her to gain 263 pounds in the process. This time, Gimenez followed a proper diet plan to lose 100 pounds. Gimenez’s new life is also a good start for her to have a good credit report.

Aretha Franklin – Diet and Exercise

You may remember the late Aretha Franklin for her curvaceous body and beautiful voice. But when she reached the 300-pound scale and got diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, she decided to lose those extra pounds and get back in shape again.
However, her illness and age made the body transformation difficult – but not impossible. She took her weight loss journey very seriously and hired a team of experts, which included a dietician, fitness trainer, and doctors, to craft the most effective diet for her. With all her efforts, she managed to lose 100 pounds. Unfortunately, she met her demise in August 2018 due to pancreatic cancer. Her family might have used her insurance to cover all the expenses that came with her death.

Roseanne Barr – Gastric Bypass Surgery, Healthy Diet, and Diet Pills

You may know Roseanne Barr as an actress, comedian, writer, and television producer, but she started to make a name for herself as a stand-up comedy artist. She gained acclaim when she did the sitcom Roseanne where she also earned Emmy and Golden Globe Awards for best actress.
In 1998, she decided to get a significant makeover by opting for gastric bypass surgery that made her lose a whopping amount of 350 pounds. To maintain her ideal weight, she started to follow a healthy and protein-rich diet and use Garcinia Cambogia diet pills. With her high intent to do the diet may also come her excellent credit score.

Jordin Sparks – Diet and Workout

Jordin Sparks rose to fame when she won American Idol Season 6 in 2007. She was only 17-years-old at the time, setting a new record for the youngest grand winner in the show’s history.
The daughter of former NFL player Philippi Sparks, this 29-year-old star felt the need of losing weight and started following a healthy diet and working out five times a week. The No Air hitmaker has lost 50 pounds in the process that makes her look sexier today. Just like having a home security system at home, Jordin is now more secured of her health.

Christian Bale – Motivation, Intense Workout, And Diet

Christian Bale has adapted different body transformations to play various movie roles perfectly. When he did the film Reign of Fire in 2002, he had to gain almost 190 pounds. After two years, he had to shed 70 pounds for the film The Machinist in 2004. He once again needed to gain 50 pounds when he did American Hustle in 2013.
Although intense workout and diet played prominent roles in gaining and losing weight, without his motivation, he could never do it. However, with the rapid gaining, losing, and interchanging weight count, he may need insurance for his health.

Graham Elliot – Gastric Sleeve Surgery and Surgery

MasterChef Graham Elliot reached a whopping 400 pounds that made him decide to get a gastrectomy surgery back in 2013. He managed to lose 150 pounds in the process. This 42-year-old chef had been suffering from weight problems since he was young that he even faced difficulties when riding and getting out of a car, lacing his shoes, and playing with his kids.
Elliot revealed he decided to go under the knife for his family. After an hour of invasive procedure, Elliot started his weight loss journey, coupled with a strict diet to continuously lose the extra pounds and maintain it. Now, he can focus on investment planning for his and his family’s future.