The Astonishing Genetics Breakthrough Discovered From A Girl Who Was Born From Two Entirely Different Species

A researcher working at a laboratory in Germany discovered something that is too good to be true. Stunned, he thought hard about what he found out and finally came to the conclusion that there was no mistake: this girl was definitely born from two different species.

This astonishing breakthrough does not only bring light to the foundations of genetics but also rewrites human history. The chances of uncovering evidence of this data might be slim to a huge degree, but then, the researchers who traveled to a cave in Siberia came across a tiny fragment of bone. Initially, the team didn’t even know that this bone came from a hominin – a term that means “all species regarded as human.” However, as they delved further into the origin of the bone, an unexpected yet incredible discovery began to unfold before their eyes.

Viviane Slon and her discovery

Although the bone slid into obscurity for many years, one fearless researcher eventually found it. It was Viviane Slon who was brave enough to extract DNA from the bone artifact. To her credit, she discovered something that could turn years and years of research on its head. Slon has given us some fascinating new truths about how ancient humans lived and made their way into the world. Although the real question is, why was the bone important?

Well, as we all know, a number of various species walked the Earth even before and alongside modern humans. Slon’s particular discovery identified the first instance that a direct hybrid had been brought up. Her realization was considered history in the making, so it’s not a surprise that a couple of researchers from all over the world reacted to the news with such delight.