Awe-spiring Celebrity Homes That Will Surely Have You Dreaming

Mick Jagger – France, £2.2 Million

While most celebrities dream of having a nice home for themselves, Rollingstone’s front man Mick Jagger went all out and bought a French manor big enough to house his entire clan. The property is a beautiful 16th-century French castle, appropriately nicknamed La Fourchette, sits right on the banks of the Loire. The 76-year-old rock legend reportedly bought the French estate for a whopping £2.2million back in 1982 and has called it home ever since.

It is surrounded by thick woodlands and has a magnificent garden out back, which is highly reminiscent of the old European splendor. Not much is known about the interior of the home, as Mick likes to keep some things private. However, we do know that the British singer likes to spend a lot of his time gardening and tending to his sheep living within the palace grounds. Despite the lack of details about the home, we can say for certain that it comes with a very handsome home insurance plan.