Famous Stars From The Pasts And Where They Are Now


Glynis John enjoyed commercial and media success both in movies and on Broadway. Her career started to gain international recognition after landing the role of Desiree Armfeldt in the musical A Little Night Music, where she won a Tony Award. She was also in the motion picture Mary Poppins where she played Winifred Banks. She received another movie credit in the 1960 film The Sundowners and got an Oscar nomination for her performance.

In 1998, Glynis John was named a Disney Legend .Her entertainment career lasted from 1935 to 1999. Her final film role happened in the 1999 movie Superstar. After that, she enjoyed a comfortable life away from the limelight together with her closest friends and family. The last surviving stars of the golden age of Hollywood cinema , Glynis John is One Of Them.Her husky voice and upbeat personality are so characteristic


Johnny Crawford is a famous actor, musician, and singer back in the ‘50s and ‘60s. He started at an early age, working for Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club. After a few years of working in minor films and live broadcast productions, he accumulated a ton of acting experience and his name has already appeared in sixty show credits. For his role in The Rifleman, he felt like that was the right time to showcase all the things he learned.

Johnny was nominated for an Emmy Award as Best Supporting Actor for his performance in this production. During the early ‘60s, he also recorded multiple hit singles that topped the Billboard charts. In the early 1970s, Crawford dated the sister of actress Sharon Tate. In 1990, Crawford reunited with his high school sweetheart, Charlotte Samco, whom he married in 1995.He is currently 73 years old and already retired but unfortunately, he was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.


Virginia Patton rose to fame after she portrayed the role of Ruth Dakin Bailey in one of Frank Capra’s classic Christmas fantasy dramas, It’s a Wonderful Life. Her acting career didn’t last long and she decided to retire early. Her final film credit was in 1949 in the movie The Lucky Stiff. She gave up her acting career and decided to raise her family with her spouse. As of 2012, Barton worked as a docent at the University of Michigan Museum of Art.

With that said, many are wondering about her career status if ever she didn’t retire early. With her talent, she could reach the pinnacle of Hollywood standings. However, time spent with the family is an investment that could never be replaced with any amount of money or fame. She celebrated her 94th birthday in 2020, still focused on her family life and the larger community in which she lives.


Mildred Kornman was a former actress and model who was professionally known as Ricki VanDusen. Her career in the entertainment industry started when she was very young. In fact, she was only nine months old when she and her sister appeared in the silent comedy film The Fourth Alarm. A few years after graduating from high school, Mildred and her sister, Mary Kornman, starred in several silent films.

Through the years, she became a regular talent in the short film series Our Gang. She shifted career later on and signed a modeling contract with various magazines including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. She also majored in art, English and Spanish at UCLA. Even if she didn’t have a stellar acting career, she still managed to get more than enough income as a model and photographer.Kornman married Norton Hinsey on December 30, 1943.


Sally Bliss, or professionally known as Carla Balenda, an actress during the ‘50s and ‘60s, was born in Carthage, New York, aged 95. Why she changed her name? Because she thought Sally Bliss is too cute for her, that name would type her,She knew she was not the type.She gained public notoriety after pairing up with Mickey Rooney in his first television role, The Mickey Rooney Show.

Carla also played Better Leonard on the television series The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu that aired from 1955 until 1956. Her career didn’t progress as much as she hoped but she appeared in the classic TV show Lassie as a supporting cast. We are sure she was able to sort out her finances before she retired in 1966 after completing a role in Seconds. After all, we haven’t heard any news about her filing for bankruptcy after her acting days in Hollywood.


Marcy McGuire started her career when she was just a teenager in the 1942 musical comedy Seven Days’ Leave with Lucille Ball. Two years later, she worked in the film called Higher and Higher. Within the next few years, her contract with RKO Pictures assigned her to shows such as Career Girl, Seven Days Ashore, and You Gotta Stay Happy. After her contract with RKO Pictures ended, her career progress started to slow down and she only got the chance to showcase her talent in limited shows.

Her last uncredited role in Hollywood was for Disney’s Summer Magic back in 1963, which was her last project before her permanent retirement to become a full-time mother and wife to her family. She was married to actor Wally Cassell in 1947 ,and in 2015 her husband passed away. The couple had two children and Marcy became a grandmother.


When you think of a classic comedian, the name Bob Newhart always comes to mind. This professional stand-up comedian was known for his deadpan monologues.Bob Newhart, a former soldier who has worked as an accountant since leaving the army. He made his debut in the mid-to-late 1950s, releasing his own comedy album, his own Television show and appearing in a Television series. His most famous work was the Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart.

His 1960 comedic monologue achieved commercial success and had a tremendous appeal to the public. To his credit, this album was the first and only time that a comedian won the Grammy Awards’Best New Artist. His album held the top spot for 14 weeks and ended up on the chart for two years. A few years later, he came up with his follow-up album called The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back! Even if he is already 90 years old, his career still hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down.


Christopher Plummer is the actor behind one of the characters in a classic history movie of the silver screen, The Sound of Music as Captain Von Trapp. With this role alone, he cemented his name as one of the most iconic figures in the entertainment scene. He also got a bag full of Oscar, Tony, and Emmy awards. If you think that Christopher’s career is over, think again.

At 89, he starred in “Departure,” a 2019 Canada-British television series about the disappearance of trans-Atlantic flights.Recently, he earned another credit from the Academy Award for his role in All the Money in the World, which is a huge accomplishment for someone who’s in his 90s. Until Today, his career has spanned seven decades. Plummer never went to college, which he regretted all his life.


We’ll start off the list with the famous actor, Gene Hackman. Gene was one of the most well-decorated artists in the entertainment industry. He rose to prominence after getting nominated for an Academy Award for his role in one of the famous flicks of all time, Bonnie and Clyde. That was the start of a glorious path towards fame for the legendary actor. Overall, he got several critically-acclaimed movies to which he gained recognition and brought home a bunch of awards such as five Academy Awards, three Golden Globe, and a pair of BAFTAs.

Nowadays, his name does not appear frequently in movies and television credit scenes since he uses his time to write. He has produced five books during his absence in the Hollywood scene.He is also an avid fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars and regularly watched games, as a guest of then head coach Jack Del Rio . Their friendship dates back to Del Rio’s days at USC.


Born on January 7, 1929, Moore grew up in A Mormon family in Los Angeles, California, and was a child model. Before changing her name to Terry Moore in 1948, she was known as Judy Ford, Jane Ford, and January Ford. Terry Moore has been around the industry for a long time now. As a matter of fact, she started her acting career during the ‘40s and gained media success from films like Mighty Joe Young and Peyton Place.

It was followed by her Academy Award-winning performance in Come Back, Little Sheba. During the ‘60s, her career started to slow down a bit and Terry appeared in less successful films. But she still made her mark in Hollywood and that earned her a credit on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As one of the last surviving stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood, her shine still continues as she still appears in recent movies and shows.


When it comes to classic stand-up comedians, Jackie Mason’s name always comes to mind. Back in the days, he filled up the seats in Broadway with his shows. He brought an unusual style of humor which made him popular in that era. Jackie’s career was long and successful and he received a hefty sum of income from his shows which were good for his retirement plans. Like all comedians, his work was criticized by some but that wouldn’t affect the legacy that he left in the entertainment industry.

He is currently 92 years old and is now enjoying his retirement. Proving he only gets better with age, and at 92, Mason is still full of jokes. Mason shares his sense of humor with his daughter, comedian Jackie Mason (1985). In August 1991, he married 37-year-old agent Jyll Rosenfeld, whom he still stands by her side today. As for his longevity, it comes as no surprise to him after 60 years in the spotlight.


Arlene Carol Dahl is a retired American actress who rose to fame in the 1950s after being signed by MGM studios. Arlene Dahl was one of the most prominent stars of the ‘50s and ‘60s. She also hosted a few shows during that time and was one of the few celebrities that also starred in a few radio shows. Probably her greatest show was the sci-fi adventure film, Journey to the Center of the Earth back in 1959.

The film was a commercial success and achieved around $5 million at the box office. After a few years, her career started to slow down and she thought of a new investment that would keep her cash flowing. That’s the time she founded her own lingerie businesses, but eventually, she was forced to shut the business down. She’s now enjoying life as a retiree. She has three children, the eldest of whom is actress Lorenzo Lamas.


We all know who Morgan Freeman is. The man with a sweet and narrator voice is one of Hollywood’s best actors in history. Freeman’s fortunes changed in 1987 when he starred in the film Street Smart, earning him an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor. In the 1990s, Freeman thrived, starring in such big-budget films as 1994’s The Shawshank Redemption, Seven (1995) and Deep Impact (1998).

If you think of successful box-office hits, he is usually part of the cast. In fact, he placed seventh when it comes to the highest box office star. To give you a perspective, he has a combined box office gross of $4.57 billion and he averages $71.5 million per film. He also got a few movie credits as a director. Just recently, Morgan Freeman appeared in the third installment of the Fallen film series called Angel Has Fallen.


Richard Chamberlain was a famous stage and screen actor in the 1960s. He rose to prominence as a teen idol in NBC’s medical drama Dr. Kildare that aired from 1961 until 1966. The actor wasn’t only praised by critics for his role, but gained a huge fanbase. Suddenly, Richard Chamberlain was the golden boy of the 1960s. During the mid-70s, he showed the world more of his talent in iconic movies such as The Count of Monte Cristo, where he got nominated for an Emmy.

He was also the very first actor that portrayed Jason Bourne in the 1988 film Bourne Identity. Though he is already in his mid-80s, he is still receiving recent roles and that means added income for this seasoned actor.On March 12, 2011, Chamberlain received the Steiger Award for artistic achievement. Now at 86, he’s ready to begin enjoying retirement life.


Loni Anderson is another actress that made huge noise back in the day. Loni’s acting career began in the ‘60s with small and uncredited roles. Her biggest role came about when Loni became the receptionist named Jennifer Marlowe in the hit CBS sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati that was aired during the ‘70s up until the early ‘80s. The actress earned three Golden Globe Awards for her performance and she also earned a pair of Emmy Award nominations.

Up until today, she’s still active in the industry, though she’s not as famous as she once used to be. Loni probably saved up a lot so she wouldn’t worry about any personal loans. At 70, Loni Anderson has rarely set foot in Hollywood, and you might be wondering what she’s up to these days. There have been some headlines in the past few years, but they have not been so nice.


Barbi was considered to be one of the most beautiful women around and easily deserving of a spot at Hefner’s side.After her time in Playboy she did go on to kind of re-invent herself and the tenacity she brought to her career was nothing less than impressive since her music career went on to feature eight albums, all composed written by her. To this day you can probably find a lot of her contributions when it comes to show business and the music industry if you simply look.

The biggest thing to realize about Barbi Benton, besides the fact that she’s currently retired, or semi-retired and doing quite well, is that she took a career that many young women these days seem to find as their ticket to something great and really made something out of herself. Today, life didn’t exactly turn out as she imagined, but she certainly doesn’t have any regrets since Playboy led her to true love.


Martial artist, actor, and philanthropist Chuck Norris was one of the pillars of action and fighting scenes in Hollywood. He etched his name in the Hollywood legends scene after portraying different roles in multiple films during the ‘70s and ‘80s. He even appeared next to Bruce Lee in the 1972 film Way of the Dragon and starred in several famous action movies such as Good Guys Wear Black, The Octagon, Code of Silence, The Delta Force, and the Missing in Action film franchise.

When Chuck Norris’s facts became an Internet meme, chronicling humorous, fictional and often absurd feats of strength and endurance, Norris made his mark on the Internet. Although Norris himself did not present the “facts,” he was hired to support a number of products that incorporated Chuck Norris facts into advertisements, a phenomenon that led to six books, two video games and multiple appearances.Currently, he is busy with his investment in a martial arts school with a very unique style called Chun Kuk Do.


Bob Barker was the face of CBS’s hit game show The Price Is Right. He started working as a game show host from 1972 up until his retirement in 2007, then he was later replaced by Drew Carey. Prior to his work in the popular game show, he used to be the host for Truth or Consequences from 1956 until 1974. Barker, who has been a vegetarian since 1979, used his growing responsibilities to make a positive impact and eliminated all animal-based products on the show.

For his personal life, he married his high school sweetheart in 1945 but sadly, his wife passed away from lung cancer. Bob didn’t remarry after that, but got into a romantic and complicated relationship with The Price Is Right model, Dian Parkinson. They needed lawyer intervention and the event resulted in a lawsuit. Recent reports state that he’s currently recovering from his multiple health issues and we hope for his fast recovery.


Sophia Loren conquered the entertainment scene with her beauty and acting talent. She started making a public appearance at the age of 16 and worked on minor roles in films. During the latter half of the ‘50s, she received a multi-film contract with a studio that helped Sophia’s career reach international fame. Sophia won an Academy Award for Best Actress Award back in 1962. This was the start of her glorious and successful acting years.

She also ventured in singing and won a Grammy. All of her contributions to the entertainment industry were properly recognized and she was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award. To her credit, she was named by the American Film Institute as the 21st greatest female star of Classic Hollywood Cinema. She’s now enjoying her retirement with her closest friends and family.


Jacqueline Bisset is an English actress who rose to prominence during the late ‘60s. She started her career back in 1965 with minor roles and sometimes, even uncredited ones. However, she outshined her peers and was able to grab a significant role in the 1968 film The Detective, the box office hit Bullitt, and The Sweet Ride, where she was nominated for a Golden Globe for the most promising newcomer.

During the ‘70s, her career continued to dominate the silver screen and she earned multiple nominations in various films. Up until today, she is still active in the industry and we can see her name in the movie credits of the film Honey in the Head. Bisset has never married, but she had been in love several times. The actress is also talented enough to speak three languages: English, French and Italian. She is also the actress Angelina Jolie’s godmother.


Surely, fans will remember Don Johnson as the James “Sonny’ Crockett in the 1980s television series Miami Vice, which earned him a Golden Globe. He was also part of the 1990s cop series Nash Bridges. At 71, Johnson now has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There is no stopping Johnson from acting, given his many contributions to the industry. In 2010, he started to have television credit on the HBO series Eastbound & Down.

He also worked along with LeBron James for a Nike commercial. Additionally, he was part of Quentin Tarantino’s 2012 movie Django Unchained. His latest project was another HBO series, Watchmen. He is from Flatcreek, Missouri, the son of a farmer and a beautician. Since taking a drama course at Southern High School, he has fallen in love with acting. Like the ups and downs of his acting career, Johnson’s personal life has been fraught with adventure, and he has been married five times to four women.


Barbara Eden started her career in acting during the ‘50s but later achieved fame after portraying one of the most memorable roles in Hollywood history. She was the actress behind the iconic series I Dream of Jeannie. She played the lead role as Jeannie, which made her a household name during the mid-60s. With more than fifty years of living in the limelight, She has appeared in many other films ,but she has always been referred to as a blonde genie in a bottle, wearing pink knickerbockers and happily doting on her owners.

While many celebrities often resent being stuck in one role for their entire careers, Eden doesn’t seem to mind being in the public eye for five years playing a 2,000-year-old genie. Barbara saved up most of her fortune that she earned during her prime and is now enjoying life after retirement. She probably doesn’t worry about any of her credit reports since she already built up a good record throughout the years.


Loretta Lynn is one of the notable musical icons when it comes to country music. With a career that spans for six decades, and after producing timeless hits such as You Ain’t Woman Enough, One’s on the Way, Fist City, and Coal Miner’s Daughter, she surely deserves credit. Overall, Loretta managed to get 24 of her singles in the number 1 spot in the music charts and she sold over 45 million copies of her albums worldwide.

Although she was plagued with recent health issues in 2017, that didn’t stop her from releasing her 2018 album called Wouldn’t It Be Great. She ended nearly 50 years of touring, And then broke her hip in 2018. On October 19, 2019, Lifetime highlighted Lynn’s friendship with Patsy Cline with their highly anticipated film Patsy&Loretta.


Connie Steven is a classic American movie actress who showed a keen passion for engaging in the entertainment field since her childhood. Later, her interest took her to the glory of success and fame as one of the famous actresses in the United States.Connie is best known for her roles in the movies like Young and Dangerous and Hawaiian Eye through which she has filled her life with immense fortunes.

Connie has appeared in the movie, Search Engines with her daughter Joely Fisher where she has portrayed the role of Joely’s mother, which Became her last role.Besides, the duo of mother and daughter starred in Rivers of Babylon as well. Connie has always been a party woman who likes to be the center of attention — which is one of the reasons she enjoys performing live in Las Vegas, where the audiences and  the critics alike love to see her. Now, she is single and often spends her time with her daughters.


Julie Andrews started her career playing in the West End in the late 40s, then she found her way to Broadway in 1954 with her debut show, The Boy Friend. She was also dubbed as “Britain’s youngest prima donna.” The stage actress shifted her focus to the film industry and starred in the Mary Poppins film back in 1964. The film was well-received by the audience and they later learned that she’ll be playing Maria von Trapp in the motion picture, The Sound of Music.

Numerous award-giving bodies gave her credit for the contributions she made in both the film and stage industry. Recently, she made a cameo appearance in the 2018 film, Mary Poppins Returns. Julie Andrews has had a career of ups and downs, heartbreaking setbacks and cultural peaks that define her. Most of all, she is living proof that a great person is never really down and out, they are just waiting for the right chance.


Tippi Hedren initially made a name for herself in the fashion industry as a model that was featured in famous magazines such as Life and Glamour magazines during her 20s. She received her well-deserved air-time and attention after meeting with the legendary director, Alfred Hitchcock in the 1963 movie The Birds where she was awarded a Golden Globe and in the film Marnie that hit the box-office a year later.

Overall, her name appeared in over 80 movies and tv credits. We recently saw her as the new face of Gucci’s timepieces and expensive jewelry sets. Now at age 90, Tippi Hedren spend most of her time on taking care of daughter Melanie and granddaughter Dakota Johnson. Dakota Johnson is best known for her role in 50 Shades of Grey. We can’t help but wonder what Tippi thought of Dakota’s risque hit film!


Robert John Wagner was one of the premier artists during the ‘70s and ‘80s. He said that when he entered the film industry in the early 1950s, he imitated and idolized Hollywood star Spencer Tracy. He appeared in television shows such as It Takes a Thief, Switch, and Hart to Hart. However, most of the youngbloods may recognize him for playing the role of Number 2 in the Austin Powers trilogy that was released in 1997, 1999, and 2002.

Now age 90, has been in the state of semi-retirement, but he is still the fans around the world with great interest in remembering him. The famous actor recently got involved in a controversy with his personal life. His situation was so serious that he hired a professional lawyer to help him take care of this issue. Even with that, we still can’t deny the impact and contribution that he made in the film and television industry.


Janis Paige was a famous singer and actress from the past era. She started her career at a young age of five and was seen singing in contests and local establishments. During World War II, Janis Paige gained popularity with soldiers and servicemen after working at the Hollywood Canteen. After a few months, she made her way to small musical productions and gained recognition until she hit the Broadway.

The ‘50s was the most successful decade when it comes to Janis’ career, where she made commercially successful shows both on stage and on television. Her voice was her bread and butter and it was almost stolen from her when she suffered vocal-cord damage in 2001. It was not clear if she had surgery or a specialized medication but Paige managed to recover flawlessly. In 2017, Paige wrote a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter in which she described some terrible experiences of her youth.


A few decades ago, Dick Van Dyke was a household name after being part of hit shows such as Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He also played popular roles in shows presented in the Broadway that helped him reach his superstar status. Throughout his career, he accumulated five Emmys, one Grammy, and one Tony. Not to mention his 1995 induction to the Television Hall of Fame and the Dick Van Dyke’s Life Achievement Award given by the Screen Actors Guild.

We have to give this man credit for his seven-decade career and the endless lists of achievements under his belt. Recently, he was seen in the film Mary Poppins Returns. Van Dyke is 95 years old now, but he doesn’t look anywhere near that age, at least not in his attitude. Surprisingly, he had been smoking for most of his life, and only in 2000 did he seriously consider quitting.


Jerry Lee Lewis has the potential to become one of the legendary icons of rock and roll music. He performed hit singles that made him famous globally. His hit music such as Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On and Great Balls of Fire made him famous worldwide as The Killer and more often, rock and roll’s first great wild man. His worldwide fame quickly vanished after a shocking marriage to his cousin who was only thirteen at that time.

Credits to his style of music and his live performances, he was able to bounce back from his controversies and even won several Grammys awards. Now at age 85, Lewis is married and still active in the music industry. In February 2019, he suffered a minor stroke and experienced a moderate setback, but made a full recovery and started touring again. As for his legacy, Lewis wants his music to be remembered more than his personal life.


There is a lot to say about the famous actor and director Clint Eastwood. First of all, he became an international star after playing the Man with No Name in Sergio Leone’s Dollars Trilogy during the ‘60s. He also immortalized the role of Dirty Harry in five films that hit the box office during the ‘70s and ‘80s. He won multiple accolades as an actor and the same can be said during his time as a director.

Eastwood is very popular in France, and many films that did not succeed in the United States have been very popular in France, where he has been awarded two of the country’s highest honors, the Order of Arts and Letters in 1994 and the Legion of Honor in 2007.Up until today, he’s still making unique and cool movies. In fact, another one is already in the pipeline and will soon be released to the public.


Jamie Farr was well remembered as Corporal Klinger in the hit TV sitcom M*A*S*H. With his cross-dressing antics, he quickly became one of the most loved characters in the series. However, his popularity in the series didn’t continue through the next page of his career and he only got minor roles and guest appearances on shows such as The Love Boat and That ‘70s Show.

His impact on the movie and tv scene didn’t go unnoticed by folks in his hometown and to his credit, a park in Toledo, Ohio was renamed after him. From 1984 to 2012, Farr sponsored a women’s Professional golf tournament in Ohio under his own name (with the exception of 1986 and 2011). Farr has been married to Joy Ann Richards for 57 years and has two children, Jonas and Yvonne. And they have a grandson called Dorian.


Kathie Lee Gifford is an American television host, singer, songwriter, and author. She hosted with  Regis Philbin on the talk show “Live with Kelly and Ryan” for about 15 years. In her whole lifetime, She has received 11 Daytime Emmy nominations. In 1976, she got married with Paul Johnson. 6 years later, she divorced and married Frank Gifford. Unfortunately, her husband died in 2015.

In 2019, she said goodbye to ‘Today Show’ and found love again. She started to focus on other projects, and while we haven’t gotten over Katherine’s departure, we’re happy to know that she left on good terms and in touch with her best friend, Hoda. The mother-of-two even congratulated Katherine on getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame soon after. It’s good to see that Kathie is so happy since she left the small screen.


Warren Beatty is a talented actor and filmmaker who received multiple recognitions from award-giving bodies. During his career in Hollywood, the films he produced earned 53 Academy Award nominations. We also have to mention his 18 Golden Globe Award nominations, which he won six out of the eighteen. According to the accounts of his peers, they credit Warren’s success to his hard work and dedication to his craft.

In return, his co-worker also brought out their A-game to match the filmmaker’s effort. Currently, he’s partially retired from making and acting in films and his last work was in 2016. It’s hard to say when 83-year-old Beatty will return to the big screen, but right now he’s enjoying decades of success and is still being an important name in Hollywood. With no upcoming projects, retirement seems to be a viable option for him, but you can’t rule out his return with a passion for films.


Linda Hunt made history after portraying a character that is intended for a male artist. She convincingly played Billy Kwan in the 1982 romantic drama film The Year of Living Dangerously. Credits to the talent she showed in the film, she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and she was the very first person to win an Oscar after portraying a role for the opposite gender. Her career took flight after that and she never looked back.

Unfortunately, Linda was involved in a wild accident in LA. Luckily she was able to sort out her insurance coverage and then returned to work after a few months off. Now that she has slowly retreated from the entertainment industry, her retirement may have been due in part to her home life with her wife, Karen Klein. They married in 2008, when same-sex marriage was legalized in California. They are still together and can often be seen walking around town holding hands.


Shirley MacLaine is a well-respected actress, singer, dancer, and author. She has multiple lifetime achievement awards that proved her contribution in both the film and stage industry. Her career took flight after teaming up with the legendary filmmaker, Alfred Hitchcock in the 1955 film The Trouble With Harry. She was at the peak of her career during the late ‘50s until the early ‘80s. Controversies and lawsuits strangely helped her career after hiring a very good lawyer during the ‘60s.

Her case was one of the main examples of how the employment-contract law came into writing. With her success on sliver screen, McLean proved her talent as a singer, dancer and writer. She’s now 86 years old and she still hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. Today, she is one of Hollywood’s most revered leading ladies, earning countless accolades for her name and being known for her new-age beliefs in reincarnation.


Former actress Betty Lynn is best known as Thelma Lou in the 1960s hit sitcom The Andy Griffith Show. However, she achieved her top celebrity status way before that. In fact, she was already in the mainstream acting scene during the late ‘40s in films such as Sitting Pretty and June Bride. She received a huge credit for her achievement and just recently the governor of North Carolina presented the highest civilian honor that they could give, The Order of the Long Leaf Pine, to her.

Lynn’s acting career began to slow in the late 1970s, and her last television appearance was in the four-episode “Marlock” in 1986. She later retired from show business and left Hollywood. Betty was recently spotted living in an assisted-living facility in Mount Airy and she now spends most of her time conversing with her fans in the town.


Cara Williams was one of the main stars of the ‘50s and ‘60s. Young Bernice began to imitate all the movie stars she had seen. Finally, she enrolled at Hollywood Professional School and chose Cara Williams as her stage name. Soon, she began to perform on the radio. In 1941, at the age of 16, she signed a film contract and began acting in bit roles, known as Bernice Kay.She starred in different popular shows such as The Defiant, where she got nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

She also played Gladys Porter on CBS’ sitcom Pete and Gladys and credits to her acting prowess, she got another nomination for an Emmy Award for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. After spending more than three decades in the industry, she retired to pursue another career as an interior designer. Now, she’s enjoying her retirement along with her family in Los Angeles.


Many Star Wars fans would recognize right away the actor that played the role of Lando Calrissian. Yes, that’s right, this character credit goes to Billy Dee Williams who appeared in the Star Wars, Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. For years, Mr. Williams has been a special guest at fan conventions, mostly science-fiction ones, thanks to his iconic Lando Calrissian character in the “Star Wars” series.However, he started his career way back in the movie The Last Angry Man.

Recently, he got another gig as a voice talent in the Batman Lego Movie. There are rumors that he’ll once again take back his role in the Star Wars Episode IX. Now, that is a sight that many fans would want to see. In 2014, Williams participated in the 18th season of Dancing With the Stars, a reality show or dance competition with professional dancer Emma Slater. The couple had to pull out in the third week because of Williams’ back injury.


Barbara Walters is considered as one of the most influential television personalities of all time. She was one of the most respected journalists and broadcaster in the field after working for news programs such as Today, The View, 20/20, and ABC Evening News. She also made history after landing the main journalist role in 1974, which was marked as the very first female to hold this position in an American news program.

To credit the contributions she made, she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Barbara last publicly appeared in 2016 and now spends most of her time with her family. Barbara Walters has been paving the way for women in television for the past 60 years. So it’s no surprise that at 87, she was named one of the greatest TV stars of all time!


Sir Sidney Poitier made a name for himself as an actor and director. He also made history after he received the honor of the first Bahamian to win the Best Actor Award from both the Golden Globe and Academy Awards. This wouldn’t be possible if he didn’t land the primary role in the movie Lilies of the Field. Credits to his acting prowess, he continued his success in three other movies during the late ‘60s.

His success both in and outside a Hollywood set can be proven by his awards and accolades that were given by prominent figures outside the entertainment scene. Unfortunately, his family got a devastating blow when Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas recently. We hope everyone is alright and the damages were covered by their home insurance. At 93, Poitier is clearly slowing down, but his work over the past 70 years has humbled him, and his audience is still amazed by his talent.


Leonard didn’t spend much of his time in the limelight, unlike his contemporaries. However, he made the most out of it and as proof, he portrayed the most legendary and sought-after role in both film and stage industry, Romeo in the 1968 film Romeo and Juliet. He was nominated for New Star of the Year at the Golden Globe Awards for this work. He mentioned that he was personally selected from the 300 individuals that auditioned for the role.

He didn’t have much movie credits after working on the film. After that, frankly, he almost disappeared, appearing in a handful of films that didn’t get the attention or success that Romeo and Juliet did. Leonard retired from film in the mid-1970s to become a writer, though he hasn’t yet been published. Instead, he focused more on theater acting. Just a few years ago, we last saw him playing a role in the 2015 film Social Suicide which was his last public film to date.


The name Lawrence Wendell Pfohlis doesn’t ring a bell to some fans, but the name Lex Luger does! Professional wrestling fans will know right away how impactful Lex Luger was in the ring, and he was known as one of the best superstars listed in the roster of World Wrestling Federation – now listed as World Wrestling Entertainment. Lex Luger didn’t start his career in professional sports as a pro wrestler.

In fact, he used to be part of an NFL team. He ran the fields for a couple of games. However, he didn’t blend well with his team and the management. That’s when he found wrestling and professionally competed against other legends. Nowadays, he’s still active in the pro wrestling ring, not as an athlete, but as an employee that looks after the degree of wellness and health of WWE wrestlers.


Fans may best remember Alan Alada as Hawkeye Pierce in the war TV series, M*A*S*H. He is an award-winning actor who has bagged six Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award back then. Aside from M*A*S*H, he also has a lot of recurring roles on different TV programs, like The West Wing and 30 Rock, and appearing in various films from the 1970s until today. His latest movie credit was the Noah Baumbach movie, Marriage Story. With a career spanning over six decades, Alda has made a lot of contributions to the industry.

Hence, it only fits that he received the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award last year. However, in Louis C.K.’s movie, Horace and Pete, he gained critical praise. He took a keen interest in both science and cosmology and enjoyed discussing the latest developments in science and technology with scholars. On July 31, 2018, he appeared on CBS This morning to announce that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease three years ago.


Maex Baer Jr. rose to prominence when he played the role of Jethro Bodine on the hit sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies. It opened a lot of doors for the actor then, which helped his career took off. Aside from the iconic TV series, he also appeared on different TV shows, like Maverick, Surfside 6, Hawaiian Eye, Cheyenne, The Roaring 20s, and 77 Sunset Trip.

Aside from acting, Baer also has talent in golf. When he attended Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento, he earned letters in four sports. He also won twice the junior title of the Sacramento Open golf tournament. He then later won the pro-am tournament in 1968. He also has a bachelor’s degree in business administration minor in philosophy after graduating from Santa Clara University.The death of Co-star Donna Douglas in 2015 left Baer be the only normal actor to survive on “Beverly Hillbillies.”


Surely, Nancy Sinatra’s surname is very familiar. She is the eldest daughter of the iconic singer Frank and Sinatra and hitmaker behind the 1965 hit song These Boots are Made for Walkin’. Aside from her signature hit, Nancy also has a number of successful music, like Sugar Town. She also has a duet song with her father, Somthin’ Stupid. With her success, she has several collaborations, such as Jackson and Summer Wine.

Nancy also made a cover of Cher’s hit song, Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down). Although Nancy started her career on her father’s TV show, she initially made a name in Europe and Japan. When she donned high boots on TV, she began to have the image of the Swinging Sixties to some degree. Sinatra’s online store Nancy’s Bootique opened on October 21, 2020, selling CDS, vinyl records, exclusive merchandise, and autographs.


Some musicians burn out, others fade away, and few artists maintain the same talent and vitality for generations. Fortunately, Tina Turner falls into this last category, having worked as a top musician for more than 60 years. She is one of the best-selling recording artists of all time, known as the “Queen of Rock”, and has sold more than 200 million records worldwide. In 2013, three weeks after marrying Erwin Bach, she suffered a stroke and had to learn to walk again.

In 2016, she was diagnosed with bowel cancer. She is known for her  “swagger, sensuality, gravelly vocals and unstoppable energy”, and her long career life and legs are highly praised. Journalist Kurt Loder has asserted that Turner’s voice combines the emotional power of a great blues singer with the sheer ability of stripping wallpaper, which seems indispensable in the age of amplification.


Julie Kavner rose to prominence after her role in the hit sitcom Rhonda, where she won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. She later received an invitation to become a voice artist. To her credit, many believed that she’s the only one capable of effectively giving life to the iconic character, Marge Simpson in the hit animated show The Simpsons. Unlike her contemporaries that seeks attention and popularity, Julie likes to enjoy a private life away from the limelight.

She rarely appears in public gatherings and prefers to spend time with her family. She first attracted notice for Brenda Morgenstern, the younger sister character in the sitcom Valerie Harper’s title character Rhoda, which won her an Emmy award for outstanding supporting Actress in a Comedy series. She made few public appearances and refused to allow herself to be photographed at work, especially on the set of “The Simpsons.”


Former actor Robert Fuller is well-remembered by his fans for his unique, deep, and raspy voice. His role as Jess Harper in Laramie and Cooper Smith in Wagon Train were the pinnacle of his career as an actor. He also played the role of Mr. Kelly Brackett in the 1972 medical drama Emergency! He was also a capable singer, who worked alongside bands and other artists at a holiday event.

Although he wasn’t able to get any major awards during his prime, he was able to earn many accolades for portraying western-inspired characters from cowboys and western films enthusiasts. He’s also a horse rancher and to his credit, he seems to be doing good at taking care of them. By the 1990s, Fuller had largely retired from film career. Fuller received his first Cowboy Lonestar Legacy Award on October 12, 2013, a new award designed to recognize his place in the industry as a true Western hero.


Robert Lyle Knepper is best known for his role as Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell in the Fox drama series Prison Break , Samuel Sullivan in the final season of the NBC series Heroes.After graduating from high school in 1977, Knapp enrolled at Northwestern University to study theater and acted in movies and television shows in Chicago. Near graduation, he dropped out and moved to New York. Although Knepper never intended to pursue a film and television project, he began his career in 1986 with The Paper Chase and That’s Life!

Knepper has a son, Benjamin Peter, from his first marriage.On November 8, 2017, costume designer Susan Bertram accused Knepper of sexual assault on the set of the film Gas Food Lodging in 1991.Knepper denied the allegations in a since-deleted Instagram post.On February 28, 2018, Bertram’s lawyers announced she was filing a defamation lawsuit against Knepper in the wake of his denials, seeking damages in a jury trial.


Susan Dey was only a teenager when she rose to prominence for her role in the hit sitcom The Partridge Family as the beautiful Laurie Partridge. Despite her success on “The Partridge Family,” Dey went to great lengths to separate herself from her early fame, refusing on numerous occasions to appear on reunion specials with her former cast members.She later accepted the role of Grace Van Owen in the drama series L.A. Law that aired from 1986 until 1992.

Overall, she received multiple recognition throughout the series including three Emmy Award nominations, six Golden Globe nominations, and a Best Actress Award in a drama series. Susan was not seen in any television shows and movies since 2004, but her net worth tells us that she would not be needing any personal loans anytime soon. As for her personal life, she has been married to Bernard Sovrenski for 32 years. She was content with her life as wife, mother and advocate.


The famous filmmaker, actor, and composer Mel Brooks already made a point that he is one of the best entertainers in the field. Known for his comedic act in live flicks such as Your Show of Shows back in the ‘50s, he revolutionized a new breed of style in comedy shows. He is also the brain behind the classic comic character, The 2000 Year Old Man that became famous during the ‘50s and ‘60s.

Mel is also responsible for the hit comedy series Get Smart. Credits to his genius mind and unique film style, he created multiple box-office hits during the ‘70s up until the early ‘90s. Success also runs in his family since his son, Max, is also the author of the very popular novel, World War Z. Today, the 94-year-old actor, comedian and director may not have a lot of projects going on, but he’s not letting himself down.


Angela Lansbury is still recognized by the young generation of viewers thanks to her role as Jessica Fletcher in the hit TV series Murder, She Wrote, where she won Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress multiple times. Video game enthusiasts may also recognize her voice in the 2005 hit game, The Kingdom Hearts II as Mrs. Potts.

Her name not only appeared in film, television, and game credits, Angela also ventured in radio shows during the ‘40s and ‘50s and in shows such as The Suspense and Theatre Guild on the Air. Currently, we saw her in action in the new Marry Poppins film.Obviously, she has achieved a lot. Lansbury appeared in more than 100 productions during her career. Younger fans may think she has stopped acting since then, but she is still busy today, working much later than the average person.


Kim Novak was one of those artists that started working in an odd advertising campaign that became successful. She was the face of a refrigerator company ad that was well-received by the masses, so she got offered an acting contract. After a few years, she ventured into movies which gave her more media success and made her a household name. Kim cemented her legacy in Hollywood after teaming up with Alfred Hitchcock in the 1958 film Vertigo.

With almost four decades living under the limelight, she took home a pair of Golden Globe Awards, an Honorary Golden Bear Award, and she earned a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She amassed a massive amount of income during her time in Hollywood, and she is currently involved in visual arts as her main past-time. Retiring from acting entirely in 1991, the actress never wanted to return, and now spends her time on the ranch with her husband, veterinarian Robert Malloy.


Katharine Ross’ most memorable roles were Elaine Robinson in the 1967 film  The Graduate, Etta Place from the 1969 movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and as Joanna Eberhart in the 1975 flick The Stepford Wives. The first two earned her merits from award-giving bodies such as BAFTA Awards and Academy Awards. During the ‘70s, her career started to slow down and she decided to accept fewer roles and projects because of personal and professional issues.

After a few years of cooling off, she decided to return to Hollywood to earn back some of the recognition she had during her prime. It also helped her finances as many financial advisors agree that she needed to get some financial security. We last saw her on the screen in the 2017 film The Hero, and she’s currently enjoying her time with her family and loved ones.


When it comes to classic icons in the music scene, Harry Belafonte’s name always appears on the list. He was one of the most successful pop artists in history and he was the reason behind the rise of Caribbean-inspired music in the international mainstream music scene. During the height of Harry’s career, he was named “The King of Calypso” after his album reached a milestone of the first million-selling LP by an individual artist.

His personal life is also as colorful as his professional career. Harry needed help from a divorce attorney twice after two failed marriages and at an expected time, he found his third wife and their relationship seems to be going in the right direction. Belafonte, now in his 90s, wanted to make an impact on America and its culture, and thanked music for giving him a platform to voice his views.


Dean Stockwell started his Hollywood career as a child actor during the ‘40s. He rose to superstar status after working in films such as Anchors Aweigh, The Green Years, Gentleman’s Agreement, and the 1950 film Kim. Dean Stockwell played supporting roles during the late ‘50s up until the ‘80s. This time, he found a new genre that would be his second calling in the film and television industry – the world of science fiction.

From 1989 until 1993, he portrayed one of the primary roles in the Quantum Leap. It was followed by Battlestar Galactica. Credits to his contributions and his seven-decade long career, he earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1992. Stockwell is also an artist, exhibiting collage and sculpture in 2009. He reportedly retired after suffering and recovering from a stroke in 2015.


Former actress, model, and activist Marsha Hunt had a stellar seven-decade career in the entertainment industry. Her most notable works were during the ‘30s and ‘40s in shows such as Born to the West, Pride and Prejudice, Kid Glove Killer, Cry ‘Havoc’, and Raw Deal. Aside from spending time in a Hollywood set, Marsha also worked for humanitarian causes such as the battle against hunger, poverty, climate change, and she also supported same-sex marriages.

After being blacklisted by Hollywood, her career began to revive in 1957. Over the next three years, she appeared in six films before announcing her semi-retirement in 1960. In semi-retirement, Hunt took small roles in five films and numerous TV shows.The 99-year-old Hunt made a public appearance at the film festival in 2017.The income she accumulated over the years were divided between her charitable works and her personal life.


Lee Majors started working on a Hollywood set with small and uncredited roles. However, he used to play football for his collegiate team at Eastern Kentucky University. He brought home a degree in History and another one in Physical Education. Lee later ventured into acting and his first major project was the 1964 American horror film Strait-Jacket.

Success started to follow him afterward and he was offered a role in the western-inspired film The Big Valley and the sci-fi action series The Six Million Dollar Man. He still continues to play roles and had a few guest appearances in recent years. Majors was last seen on Ash vs Evil Dead season 2, which premiered in October 2016. There are no details yet on majors’ future projects. In fact, his voice was recently used for an action figure that was released by a car company for their advertisement.


Dame Joan Collins already set her path to becoming one of the most iconic actresses of her time. At a young age of nine, she was already admitted at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) that provides professional training for film, television, and theater roles. This is similar to the online classes and acting lessons we have today. After completing her course, she moved to Hollywood and paired with the biggest stars in the movie industry during that time. She starred in 1950s films such as The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing and Rally Round the Flag, Boys!

Her career hit a low point in the 1970s when she made some horror films. She began to act in stage plays in the 1980s. In 1982, she won the Golden Globe award for Best Actress for the TV drama Dynasty. In 1983, she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Up until today, she still continues working as a dedicated actress while managing her perfume and cosmetics investment.


Norman Lloyd is considered the living legend of entertainment. His list of works and achievements are undeniably hard to match. First, his name appeared in movies, radio, and theater credits for over nine decades. Yes, you got that right!  For almost 90 years, he’s been working as an actor, producer, and director. He is now enjoying his retirement and a few years ago, he was spotted in the 2017 World Series.

However, he occasionally accepts minor roles and guest appearances in productions such as the 2015 romantic-comedy film Trainwreck and the upcoming series Fly. Today, the 106-year-old actor is still active in show business, with a passion for acting that is even stronger than when he first appeared in 1923. Lloyd credits his long life and high-profile career to his active lifestyle. Despite only recently giving up tennis, the man admits he’s still fulfilled even without his favorite sport taking up his time


With a career that spans for over seven decades, Eva Marie Saint was one of the most popular artists back in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Blessed with beauty and talents, she won numerous awards and recognition from her peers. She cemented her legacy after teaming up with famous figures such as Elia Kazan and later with Alfred Hitchcock in the 1954 movie On the Waterfront and the 1959 film North by Northwest.

Saint has appeared in numerous TV specials and documentaries since 2000. In 2009, she made a rare public appearance as a presenter of Best Supporting Actress at the 81st Academy Awards ceremony. She also had a successful personal life after wearing her wedding dress for the director, Jeffrey Hayden in 1951. They were married for 65 years until Hayden died on December 24, 2016, aged 90. We recently spotted Eva in the 2018 Academy Awards ceremony.


Keith Thibodeaux, or professionally known as Richard Keith, was a famous child actor and musician. He first rose to stardom after playing Little Ricky on the hit sitcom that dominated the ‘50s, I Love Lucy and The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. He seems to have a lot of knowledge on money management because he started to work when he was just three.

He was already earning a couple of dollars a week as a drummer at a very young age and then he shifted his attention to acting and also appeared in The Andy Griffith Show. After a quick hiatus, he joined the rock band David and the Giants, and they recently released an album that marked their 40th year called What Are You Waiting For? In 1990, he became the executive director of his wife’s company, Ballet Magnificat, touring nationally and internationally.


The seasoned actor Clu Gulager made a name for himself after appearing in the 1960s series The Tall Man and The Virginian. The actor also played a role in the zombie-infested comedy movie The Return of the Living Dead back in 1985. The film was a critical and commercial success. It has been nominated for four Saturn Awards and has been a cult status for years.

His most recent role was in the 2015 critically-acclaimed independent film Tangerine. He was not only a talented actor as he also directed the short film A Day With The Boys which received a nomination during the 1969 Cannes Film Festival. Although he is already 90 years old, we still see him earn some income after playing roles in recent films such as the book store owner in the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Give Till It Hurts as Mr. Lawson.


Actress and author Bern Nadette Stanis was remembered for her role as Thelma Ann Evans-Anderson on the CBS hit sitcom Good Times that was aired from 1975 until 1979. After the show ended, she appeared in famous series such as The Love Boat and The Cosby Show as a guest star. Although her name didn’t appear in many movie credits in the past, the characters she played left a mark to their audiences.

Aside from working as an actress, she is also a more than capable author. Bern has already released four books under her name. She travels with her monther all the time, decided to write a book together because the first book was a bestseller, but her mother has Alzheimer’s disease and her condition deteriorates, so Stannis turns her attention to caring for her. On the night of her mother’s death, she decided to write a book called “The Last Night,” focusing on caregivers.


Toni Tennille is a singer, songwriter, and musician that is responsible for the classic hit song Love Will Keep Us Together and Do That To Me One More Time. She was a part of the husband and wife duo called Captain and Tennille that brought timeless music during the ‘70s and ‘80s. Although the couple had a long and strong relationship on paper, she revealed that they were not happy together and that led them needing a divorce attorney to settle things out.

Despite their differences and their divorced status, the two remained close to each other and she even assisted her ex-husband with his health issues. He died from kidney failure on January 2, 2019. In 2015, at the suggestion of her sister Jane, Tennelle moved to Florida. In April 2016, Tennille released her memoir Toni Tennille: A Memoir and went on a book tour later that summer.


It may be difficult for most of us to accept gender change, but Jenner said “Transition from male to female was a much greater achievement than becoming Olympic champion.” In January 2017, she underwent sex reassignment surgery and her new name was publicly announced in July of that year. Before this, Jenner once won the men’s decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics when she was 27 years old.

However, Jenner has gender dysphoria at youth, she thought she was born a woman and started took hormone replacement therapy, she ended her romance with Kris Kardashian became more serious. Finanlly, she completed sex reassignment surgery and now she has been called the most famous transgender woman in the world. It is reported that Jenner fell in love with 23 year old Sophia Hutchins who is also a transgender woman and they have been described as dating since 2017.


Joanne Woodward enjoyed a successful life under the limelight for more than six decades. Her talents enabled her to collect the Best Actress Award from the Academy Award and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama. We also need to include a one gold chip and four nominations from the Oscar, ten from Golden Globe, and a lot more. She was unlike other successful celebrities that strived in their craft and had little time for their family that sometimes led to hiring a divorce lawyer.

Joanne had a glorious marriage and family life. We last saw her in the 2013 film Lucky Them as Doris, where she also worked as an executive producer for the film. Joanne Woodward was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease shortly after her husband Paul died in 2008, has spent most of her life in seclusion and has cancelled many public appearances because of her deteriorating health. She is now being cared for by her and Paul’s second daughter, Melissa Newman.


Jane Withers started her career in show business as a young actress. In fact, she was only three years old when she hit the peak of her career as a child star. Jane was rewarded with a Young Artist Award – Former Child Star and Lifetime Achievement Award for her achievements and contributions in the film and TV industry for her work during the ‘30s and ‘40s.

After a few years, she became known as Josephine the Plumber after portraying a plumbing services crew in a television commercial that spans during the ‘60s until the early ‘70s. Her final film credit was in 2002 after lending her voice in an animated film by Disney. Withers began collecting dolls when she was young. Through the contributions of her fans, she has expanded the collection to become one of the largest in the world.


Tina Louise’s career started as a model for her family’s candy store at the age of two. After a few years of studying acting, singing, and dancing, she slowly made her way to the entertainment scene. In 1952, her acting debut finally became a reality in the musical revue Two’s Company. She was later included in other Broadway musicals such as John Murray Anderson’s Almanac, The Fifth Season, and Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

In 1958, her breakthrough role was handed to her along with the Golden Globe Award for New Star of The Year for the movie God’s Little Acre. However, she will always be remembered as Ginger Grant for her TV credit in the series Gilligan’s Island. Louise now lives in New York City and become a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and a lifetime member of the Actors Studio.


When it comes to fitness shows back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, only Denise Austin’s name comes to mind. She started her fitness journey at a young age of twelve as an athletic scholar at the University of Arizona. She didn’t need student loans and continued her gymnastics scholarship at California State University – Long Beach. After finishing her studies, she went on and started her own fitness classes, videotaped routines, and put her works in books and other fitness columns.

Even if she’s now sixty-three, Denise Austin still looks like she’s only past her 30s, thanks to her active and healthy living. Dennis Austin was a respectable figure in terms of health and physical fitness. Recently, she has kept a low profile, leading to much speculation about her whereabouts. From all the adventures she had taken part in, she seemed to be doing well.


DeVito has been one of the greatest and most beloved actors since the 1970s, and he also once saved saved Michael Douglas’s life by literally sucking snake venom from the guy’s hand like some kind of tiny Rambo. Needless to say, the man is a true American hero.He gained prominence for his portrayal of the taxi dispatcher Louie De Palma in the television series Taxi . Then DeVito and Michael Shamberg founded Jersey Films.DeVito also owned Jersey Television.Recently,Danny DeVito says he has no plans to ever retire from acting.

In 2018, the star made the rounds to promote his animated children’s film, Smallfoot. But don’t take that as a sign that the guy’s acting career is anywhere near over. Danny met his wife in 1971 and they lived together for just two weeks before they were married in 1982. They have three children, and the couple have appeared together in numerous television and film productions. A separation was rumoured in 2012, but a reconciliation was reportedly made in 2013.


John Astin was the man behind the iconic character, Gomez Addams of the Addams Family back in the ‘60s. This was the role that cemented John’s legacy in Hollywood and placed his name at the pedestal as one of the greatest artists of all time. The actor also played one of the villains in the 1960s Batman series as The Riddler. Aside from working as an actor, John also served a few years as the director of Theater Arts and Studies at his alma mater, John Hopkins University.

He was associated with the university since the early 2000s, where he earned his college degree. He recently retired from working in a Hollywood set and is now enjoying his personal time with his close friends and family. John Astin’s handprint is seen in front of the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studio Theme Park.


Adrienne Barbeau is an American actress and singer who rose to stardom for portraying the role of Rizzo in the original Broadway musical Grease. After making it big on Broadway, Adrienne then tried out her luck in the television industry and scored the role of Carol Traynor in the hit sitcom Maude.

From then on out, she began to land more and more acting credits, which catapulted her further into Hollywood superstardom. She went on to enjoy a prosperous career, which spans 56 years. Adrienne is still very much active in the industry today. However, she is keeping a much lower profile now compared to her 1970s heydays. Her most recent project was in the ecological horror film titled Unearth. People should give more credits to actresses like Adrienne since they continue to define the true value of what it takes to be someone in the spotlight.


Hollywood’s Golden Age has a few surviving stars today, and one of them happens to be the retired actress and singer Ann Marie Blyth. Ann was a prominent actress back in the 1940s until the 1950s and was known for her musical and dramatic roles. Her most prominent acting credit came from the film Mildred Pierce for which Ann portrayed the role of Veda.

Although the actress retired in 1985, she remained in constant communication with her fans. In an interview with the LA Times, Ann Blyth revealed that she is still corresponding with fans from all over the world. She confessed that she often receives letters from all corners of the globe and that it has helped her stay busy in her California home. Ann is clearly a graceful actress, then and now. It’s no surprise that she’s well-loved by the public, given her love and appreciation for their support.


Beloved American author Beverly Cleary turned 104 this year, but she is still warming the hearts of her readers from all over the world. The author rose to fame writing children’s novels in the 1950s. Some of her most famous works include Beezus and Ramona, Ramona the Pest, and Ramona and Her Mother.

Since the 1950s, her books have already sold 91 million copies worldwide. She received the National Book Award in 1981, followed by the Newbery Medal in 1984. With the help of her financial advisors, Beverly was able to turn her passion into a full-blown literary empire. After decades of raising children through her books, Beverly Cleary is now enjoying a much-deserved retirement rest in her home in Carmel, California. Beverly is one of the few actresses who had the most to offer during their time in the spotlight – physically, emotionally, and mentally.


Legendary American composer Burt Bacharach turned 92 this year, but if you think that that’s going to stop him from creating more hits, then you couldn’t be more wrong! According to Forbes, Burt is still at it with writing songs in his California home. He was recently given credit for penning down the Melody Ferrer song titled Bridges. The collaboration between the two was totally unexpected, but just like his previous works, the song was nothing short of superb.

When asked what keeps him motivated after 70 years in the industry, Burt simply answered Brazilian music. The composer is apparently a big fan of Brazilian music that he often turns to it when he’s in the middle of a project. He’s still working on a number of projects, so we can definitely look forward to more hits from this icon. Burt remains a legend and icon, credits to his authenticity as a celebrity as well as both his passion and determination in acting.


Caren Marsh-Doll is a retired American stage actress who rose to fame for her role in the films Ziegfeld Girl and The Wizard of Oz. At 101 years old, she is among the last surviving stars of Hollywood’s Golden Era. During her Hollywood heydays, Caren ventured into several areas of the industry, starting with being a dancer.

Although she earned a couple of high-profile projects, she also encountered works that failed to give her some credit. The most notable one being her work in the film Gone With The Wind. Today, Caren is reportedly doing some volunteer work in Palm Springs, California. Sources say that the actress volunteers as a dance therapy instructor for patients who have gone through a stroke and are undergoing rehabilitation. All credits to Caren’s golden heart; she has helped more people than she will ever know. We are certain that in the years to come, the actress will continue to inspire more people than she ever hoped she would in her lifetime.


It has been 50 years since Cheryl Tiegs dominated every catwalk in the fashion industry, but the former supermodel shows no signs of aging. The former model retired from public life last year after building up her career for nearly 56 years. During her peak years, however, Cheryl ventured into different areas of fashion, starting with modeling, followed by fashion designing.

Given that she earned a large degree of fame and popularity in the 1970s, it’s not surprising that Cheryl became one of the most famous pop culture icons of her generation. Although she’s no longer active in the world of fashion, Cheryl continues to expand her influence by working with different activist groups that support climate change initiatives and sustainable energy. Cheryl will always be an icon both in film and in fashion. She possesses class and elegance like no other in her batch of stars.


Have you ever tried dancing the twist? If you have, then you should probably credit Chubby Checker for that. If you don’t know, Chubby Checker was a famous rock n’ roll star who rose to fame in the 1960s.

He is also the man responsible for popularizing the twist dance style after using it in his version of the song The Twist. That song and dance are some of Chubby’s most enduring legacy, so it’s not surprising that the rock n’ roll legend is still using it up until today. That’s right, folks! Chubby is still twisting his way all over the United States. He even went on a full tour of the US back in 2018 to the delight of all his fans. Chubby’s contributions all throughout his career surely paid off, for he has always been one of those rock and roll stars with authenticity in everything he does.


It goes without saying that 1950s Hollywood gave us some of the most iconic classics and some of the most talented artists. One of those talents is none other than pop singer Connie Francis. If you don’t know, Connie Francis was a former Hollywood singer and actress who rose to fame in the late 50s and early 60s. She began her career in the industry by appearing in NBC’s Startime Kids in 1953 until 1955.

By the late ’50s, Connie was already recording hit classics in the same studio as The Beatles. Although she was gaining acting credits steadily, it was really her singing that gave her much of her success. She also encountered a number of setbacks and tragedies throughout her career, but she was able to conquer them all. Today, Connie has added author to her resume after releasing her autobiography book in 2017. It’s hard enough to find your footing in an industry that is fleeting and fast-paced, so we believe Connie deserves extra recognition for trying on several hats in the span of her career.


When it comes to wildlife broadcasting, there is no one more iconic than the English natural historian, David Attenborough. The senior broadcaster was initially rejected by the BBC in 1951 but was able to join the team full-time in 1952. After that, he began working with the natural history unit and was able to produce his first three-part natural history series titled Animal Patterns. Much to everyone’s delight, the mini-series gained several critical praises. That, then, became David Attenborough’s gateway to his legacy.

Critics have also given credit to David Attenborough for his extensive work in the field of wildlife education. Although he has already enjoyed a long and prosperous career, Sir David Attenborough is still at work educating people about the real status of the environment around us. David’s zest for journalism and public service never changed. In fact, his interest in making investments in the news business is only getting started.


If you are a fan of ’70s music, then you have probably heard of Blondie’s Debbie Harry. The 75-year old singer is the woman behind punk rock classics like The Tide Is High, Heart of Glass, and Call Me. During her heydays in the 70s and 80s, Debbie and her band were able to top the charts multiple times. She also dipped her toes into acting when her band went into hiatus in 1981. During that time, she was able to earn acting credits in films like Union City, Videodrome, and Hairspray.

Her acting career continued well into the 1990s and early 2000s. However, the singer/actress also delved into philanthropic work after being inspired by Sir Elton John’s participation in HIV/AIDS initiatives. Today, Debbie is heavily involved with charities related to fighting cancer and endometriosis. Al credits to Debbie’s big heart; not only is she able to help people, but the actress is also able to raise awareness and prevent stigma from such taboo diseases.


Dolores Hart was a former American actress who traded in her glamorous life for a spot in the convent. During her five-year career in Hollywood, Dolores was able to star opposite some of the industry’s biggest names. Her acting debut alone had her starring alongside the King of Rock, Elvis Presley. However, during the early 1960s, Dolores shocked the industry by announcing that she will no longer carry on with being an actress in exchange of being a nun at the Abbey of Regina Laudis monastery.

Now 82 years old, Dolores Hart is still carrying out the mission of the church. However, she did shell out some investment in 2013 to co-publish her autobiography book titled The Ear of the Heart: An Actress’ Journey From Hollywood to Holy Vows. Hart’s career was in full blossom, and even now, kudos to her iconic roles and projects in the past, she remains an enduring icon in the entertainment industry.


Emmy award-winning actor Ed Asner has come a long way from his theatre playwright roots in 1950s Chicago. The Kansas native started his career in the industry after finishing his degree at the University of Chicago. Following his graduation, he became active in the theatre industry in Chicago, and later on, New York. After a couple of small acting credits, Ed was hired to play the role of Lou Grant in the hit sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Over the years, Ed achieved several accolades, including seven Emmys. He was also once the president of the Screen Actors Guild and was the inspiration behind Disney’s Up. Ed continued to work in the industry today as an actor, writer, and voice talent. The award-winning actor gives due praise to the people who helped him get to where he is now, as he never takes anything or anyone for granted. This is probably one of the things that make him so special— he knows how to look back to his roots.


Jane Seymour is a British-American actress best known for her role in the 1973 Bond film Live and Let Die. She began her career in the industry by taking on minor uncredited roles in the late 1960s. She later scored her first major acting credit in the war drama The Only Way. From there, her fame gradually began to reach greater heights. By the 1970s, she has fully cemented her name as one of the most sought-after leading ladies in the Hollywood industry.

Today, however, Jane has shifted her focus from acting to fashion and charity work. She often involves herself with charities involving children. She has also delved into the world of jewelry design and has collaborated with a few known designers. Credits to Seymour, we have witnessed another classic film that is undying and timeless. Her movie Somewhere in Time with the one and only Christopher Reeve is an all-time favorite, so if you haven’t checked that out yet, be sure to watch it as soon as you can!

Vera Miles – 91 YEARS OLD

Vera Miles began her acting career in 1951 though her roles at the start didn’t suit her talents that much— that is until she was cast in the film, The Rose Bowl Story and Wichita. Miles was also busy shooting for television anthologies where her work in Rookie of the Year, The Searchers, and Revenge made her one of the notable stars during her time. She was even taken under the wing of Alfred Hitchcock, which was a milestone for the young actress.

Miles received praises for her acting chops in the movie, The Wrong Man, where she portrayed the wife of Henry Fonda, who was sent to jail for armed robbery despite being innocent. Though she remained second in some films, the actress still managed to hold on to her own when paired with male stars like Van Johnson and James Stewart. You would know her in the film, Psycho and Psycho II as well. Miles has been retired from acting and has since been a recluse in one of her investments in real estate in Palm Desert.


Jimmy Lydon is an American producer and actor who was active in the industry from 1937 to 1987. He began his career in the industry at the tender age of 14 after he and his family faced a challenging experience with his father. Thankfully, he quickly scored an acting credit in the Broadway show Western Waters. In the years that followed, Jimmy started to gain more and more momentum in acting. In 1939, he and his family finally decided to move to California to seek out better acting opportunities.

Although not much is known about Jimmy’s life today, it’s clear that he was able to live out a very fruitful career in the industry that he initially entered to overcome poverty. As far as we have gathered, Jimmy might have had stakes in other businesses, but his production company is the one he really poured his heart and soul into.


Detroit native Joyce Randolph first came to prominence in 1955 after she landed the role of Trixie Norton in the hit sitcom The Honeymooners. Thanks to her charming and witty role, Joyce quickly became an icon for her generation. Besides her TV credits, Joyce can also boast a pretty extensive acting experience on Broadway. That is where she got her start, after all. Today, however, Joyce is no longer active in the entertainment industry.

At 96 years old, Joyce is now enjoying a much simpler life in the company of her family and loved ones in California. There is no clear information as to what exactly the former actress is up to now, but whatever it is, we’re pretty sure she’s happy and contented. At the end of the day, Joyce’s positive outlook in life is something we can all learn from.


When it comes to describing the American actress Julie Newmar, there are simply not enough words. The Hollywood icon initially began her career as an actress but later ventured into different fields as well. However, she is best known for her work on the Broadway show Marriage Go Round, for which she earned a Tony Award. She is also known for her portrayal of Catwoman in the 1960s Batman TV series.

In the later years of her career, however, Julie set her sights on starting her own business. She later ventured into designing clothes until she struck gold with her real estate investment business. Today, Julie is regarded as one of the pioneering real estate entrepreneurs to really transform the neighborhoods in Los Angeles. By the looks of it, this unstoppable acting powerhouse has moved on to greener pastures in pursuit of success at a different field!


June Lockhart is an American actress who rose to prominence during the Golden Age of Hollywood. She is best known for her role in the TV series Petticoat Junction, which ran from 1968 to 1970. June was always able to capture the heart of any character she is playing, which is why no one is surprised to hear about all her accolades and recognitions from award-giving bodies. Throughout her career, June was able to earn two Emmy nominations and one Tony Award for her role in the Broadway show For Love or Money. June was also awarded two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a rare achievement for any celebrity in the industry.

Despite accomplishing several milestones in Hollywood, June continues to remain active in the industry. The actress even lent her voice to an animated character just last year, and we don’t doubt for a second that she will have more projects coming soon.


If you are a fan of Alfred Hitchcock’s works, then you might recognize the American actor Larry Storch from the 1963 episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents titled An Out for Oscar. He originally started his career as a stand-up comedian but later delved into stage, film, television, and even voice acting. Because of his versatility as an actor and comedian, Larry Storch was able to enjoy a large degree of success throughout his 81-year long career. That’s right, Larry Storch has been around the industry for over eight decades, yet his work in the industry continues to flourish today.

Although he is not as visible as he was back in the day, Larry continues to stay in touch with his fans by meeting them during his travels around the United States. It is quite rare to hear about an actor with such great gratitude toward his fans, even in his advanced age. It’s no wonder that Larry has received an endless amount of support consistently—because he, too, knows how to give back.


The Bionic Woman star Lindsay Wagner is now 71 years old, but she is just as lovely as she’s ever been. The actress/singer/model rose to fame during the late ’70s and early ’80s for her portrayal of the unforgettable Jaime Sommers. Thanks to her outstanding performance as Jaime, Lindsay was able to garner a coveted Emmy Award for Best Actress and quickly became the pop culture icon of her generation.

Since then, Lindsay has maintained a long and prosperous career encompassing several areas of the Hollywood industry. Despite having enjoyed a lengthy and successful career, Lindsay is still in pursuit of her craft. To this day, Lindsay is still earning acting credits in both TV and film. She is also heavily involved with charity work and was even given the Humanitarian Award at the 2019 San Diego International Film Festival.


Mark Harmon is easily one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood today. The former college football player initially wanted to pursue a career in marketing or law after finishing his degree. However, after experiencing widespread success for his role in the 1980s series’ St. Elsewhere, he decided to stay in the entertainment industry. NCIS has been on the air for nearly two decades, and the show wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for Mark’s steady role of Gibbs. In case you didn’t know, the iconic character had been carried over from the original series JAG in 2003.

Fast forward to 2021, and Mark is among the biggest and most successful names in American television. With four Golden Globe and two Emmy Award nominations, Mark is also among the most decorated. Although Mark has had a very fulfilling career, his journey in Hollywood is far from over. To this day, Mark Harmon is still honing and perfecting his craft, and fans of his better look forward to what he has in store next.


Fans of Hollywood’s Golden Era will surely remember Nancy Olson. The American actress rose to superstardom in the 1950s after being awarded an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Betty Schaefer in the film Sunset Boulevard. She is also well-known for her countless appearances in Disney projects like The Absent-Minded Professor, Snowball Express, and Son of Flubber.

Nancy reigned on both television and film for nearly seven decades before deciding to retire in 2014. Since then, the actress has lived her life in private. We do know, however, that she is a constant donor to several charity organizations. She had secured several investments by then, so we don’t doubt for a second that she is living a comfortable life right now. At 92 years old, the actress has had a long run in the industry, and we couldn’t be more happy to see her finally relax in peace.


Nancy Sinatra’s may have started her career in the shadow of her father’s success, but she definitely succeeded in carving her own name in the 59 years that she has been in the industry. The American singer/actress rose to fame after her hit song These Boots Are Made For Walkin, topped the charts in 1965. Her career only grew from there on out. Some of her other notable works include the single she did with her father titled Somethin Stupid and the James Bond theme You Only Live Twice.

Today, Nancy is focusing on her business investments. Just this October, she opened up her very first online shop, which sells all types of merchandise related to Nancy’s works. Besides that, Nancy simply lives her life in private. Given how she came from a line of popular music and Hollywood legends, it’s not shocking that Nancy spends much of her time on the down-low.


Nanette Newman is a British actress who rose to fame in the 1960s. She is best known for her performances in the films The Raging Moon, Deadfall, The Whisperers, and Séance on a Wet Afternoon. However, before breaking out with those roles, Nanette was a child star. She earned her first acting credit working on the show called Here We Come Gathering: A Story of the Kentish Orchards. Then in 1962, she played the role of Yana in the series Sir Francis Drake.

Although she has been present in Hollywood since 1953, Nanette is still pursuing acting. Since she was able to enjoy massive success as a Hollywood actress, we’re also pretty sure that Nanette is now enjoying the fruits of her financial investments. While there are no records online that reveal her current net worth, we’re pretty sure that more than half a decade in the industry has given her a fat sum still.


Prince Philip of Edinburgh is perhaps the world’s most famous spouse. As the other half of England’s sovereign, Prince Philip has always lived his life in the background. However, long before he became the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip was already a regal heir. He was born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark to Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and Prince Alice of Battenberg. Unlike most royals, however, Prince Philip endured a challenging childhood, which continued well into his teenage years.

During his adult years, Prince Philip served on the frontlines as a naval officer. In 1946, Prince Philip officially asked for Princess Elizabeth’s hand in marriage, and the two wed on November 10, 1947. Throughout his royal life, Prince Philip has devoted himself to the service of the English crown. He is still doing so at his current age of 99. Though royal life has spared Prince Philip from ever worrying about loans, he has never failed to show his compassion and understanding to the people he and his family serve.


Robert Clary is a 94-year-old French-American actor who came to prominence in the 1950s. He began his career in the industry by being a singer in France. His songs crossed over to the United States in 1948 after Capitol Records signed them for distribution. It did not take long for Robert’s popularity to grow, and before anyone knew it, he was already touring in the United States. From there, Robert expanded his career across different areas of entertainment.

Throughout his heydays, he was able to make a career out of being a singer, an actor, an artist, and eventually an author. While it’s not an easy task to balance so many titles to a name, the multi-talented star surely made it work. Robert retired from the spotlight in 2001, and thanks to his investments, he’s able to live a very comfortable life in his Beverly Hills home.


Robert Redford is a retired American actor, director, and producer whose career spanned an impressive sixty years. In the six decades that he devoted to Hollywood, Robert was able to make several contributions that, for sure, left an indelible mark in the industry. If you don’t already know, Robert Redford is the founder of the Sundance Film Festival, which is considered the largest annual independent film fest in the United States alone. For his contribution to the craft, Robert also became the recipient of the 2002 Academy Award Lifetime Achievement.

It goes without saying that Robert has had one of the most influential and progressive careers in the industry. After devoting his life to the pursuit of film arts and expanding his investments, Robert officially retired in 2018. Today, the actor is said to be busying himself with supporting multiple charities and spending time with his family.


Marc Anthony may be known as the former husband of Jennifer Lopez, but there’s more to this guy than that. He’s also a singer, songwriter, actor— and the list goes on of the good things he can do in this business. Did you know he also gets credit for being the top-selling tropical salsa artist of all time? The 52-year-old star has been famous for his salsa numbers and ballads that earn him a bunch of awards and honors from different recognitions. He has two Grammys and a six-time Latin Grammy Award winner, having sold over 12 million albums worldwide. What a feat!

Marc still holds the Guinness World Record for best-selling tropical/salsa artists. He also remains the only singer who has the most number-one albums on Billboard Tropical year-end charts. Marc is still active in the industry, and no one has surpassed or even matched his contributions to the music scene yet.


Nia Long had successfully made a name in the business when she joined The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, playing the role of Will Smith’s on-screen girlfriend, Lisa. This gig alone opened many doors for her, doing one movie and TV project after another. She then appeared in Third Watch, Empire, Big Momma’s House, and more. The 50-year-old star also joined Kanye West in the music video for his hit song Touch the Sky.

Nia has also worked behind the scenes, directing Yolanda Adam’s music video for the track This Too Shall Pass. Fast forward to today, the stunning actress remains a big part of the TV world. Her latest acting credits were from the TV series and movies from 2020, #BlackAF, Fatal Affair, and Life in a Year. Nia has no new project for 2021, though she has a new upcoming movie, called Dreams of the Moon, which is now in the pre-production process.


You can’t sing the classic 1994 song Kiss from a Rose without remembering the great singer behind it, Seal. The British singer-songwriter rose to prominence when his 1991 track, Crazy, became an international hit, resulting in selling more than 20 million records worldwide. The now-58-year-old star proved his incredible talent in the music scene with the number of awards and recognitions he had received.

He has three Brit Awards, four Grammy Awards, and an MTV Video Music award. He was also the Best British Male in 1992.  Seal then joined The Voice Australia in 2012 and 2013 as the aspiring singers’ coach. He again returned to the said country to continue his work as a voice coach in 2017. It has been years since fans have heard a new song from Seal, but with the degree of his fame, he remains to be one of the best singers in the music scene until today.


The ’90s kids will never forget Macaulay Culkin. Who never dreamed of being the hero of his own home, Kevin, in the Home Alone movie series or the son of a billionaire businessman in the 1994 film Richie Rich? Everyone, for sure!

He’s heavily regarded as one of the most successful child stars of the ’90s and even became a part of VH1’s 100 Greatest Kid-Stars, and E! ‘s 50 Greatest Child Stars lists. Macaulay, however, had been away in the spotlight while growing up. He had been thrown with a lot of issues and controversies, but Macaulay managed to get back on his feet again. He put his investment in building his own satirical pop culture website and podcast, Bunny Ears, in which he’s currently the publisher and CEO. He’s also back to the small screen, having a role in the new season of American Horror Story.


Sally Field is an award-winning actress. She has also been nominated for a ton of awards and accolades during her time. She is one of the most respected actresses then and now. She also happens to be a director and a successful one at that. At the age of 74, Sally is a mother of three, and she seems to be enjoying a more relaxed life with very little time under the spotlight. In 2019, she was honored by another Hollywood giant Tom Hanks for her incomparable contributions to the entertainment industry.

The actress should give credit to her beauty regime, and skin is routine for maintaining her youthful glow. She doesn’t age at all! In fact, she stopped aging a long time ago, which makes people wonder more if she’s telling the truth about her birth year. She could pass for the age of 40!


Sally Struthers is an American actress and activist. She is famous for her roles in TV shows and TV series during her time. She also appeared on the hit show Gilmore Girls and later became a regular. In fact, she won an award for her role and participation in the show. She engaged in a virtual interview last year of 2020, and the actress couldn’t have looked so inspired, stunning, and happy. As she made it perfectly clear, Sally is still in the limelight, and she would always have interests in doing films and series even at 73.

All credits to this actress for knowing exactly how to maintain her youthful glow and radiance! From head to toe, Sally is the definition of someone who never gets old – whether it be pertaining to her sense f style, her name in showbiz, or simply her overall flawless look.


Clint Eastwood is easily one of the most famous actors of all time. He gave us some of the best action films and iconic fighting scenes on screen. The actor also made us witness several romantic and horror movies. He is one of the greatest actors of all time— and an award-winning one at that. He is not just famous for films; he has done many TV shows in the past as well. During his time, he was labeled as the most handsome actor live.

At 90 years old, Clint seems to be enjoying his time away from the spotlight; however, there are no signs of him retiring. His last project was in 2018. His son, Scott Eastwood, is on his way to following his dad’s footsteps. Scott definitely took on the dashing good looks and fantastic figure of his dad and has been a part of many projects now, including The Longest Ride. Clint may not be active in Hollywood anymore, but credits to this iconic actor, his legacy lives on.


Stella Stevens is a beautiful 82-year-old blonde and a mother of one. Before all of that, she was one of the most sought-after actresses during her time. She is an actress both in film and television; however, she started her career on stage doing plays. From the past, she is famous for her works on TV shows and TV series. Today, there is no sign of her filing for retirement from showbiz anytime soon. She is still pretty much interested in accepting roles and projects if she is needed. In 2011, there was a tribute for Stella.

Stella is not just a pretty face, and she doesn’t only invest in beauty products to preserve her youthful glow; she is also good at making investments when it comes to businesses and finances. She is just as innovative as she is beautiful. She also invested time in her family, which, as far as we know, is the most remarkable kind of investment of all.


Sue Ane Langdon is an actress and a model. She has appeared in more than a dozen TV shows and TV series from the past. Other than for her superb acting chops, this woman is also known for her body flexibility and her skills in gymnastics too! She is a great dancer and has appeared in various steamy magazines when she was younger. At the age of 85, Sue is pretty much still interested in acting, and she has no plans of taking a hiatus anytime soon. Some of her TV shows are even being relived from time to time.

Aside from being a responsible working girl and also a family woman, Sue also makes sure that she maintains her responsibility in taking care of herself. She has never been the type of person who would give up easily on what she wants. Now, the actress showed us yet again just how determined she is to preserve her youthful glow. We are determined to know her beauty regimen, so we hope Sue lets us in on the secret sometime soon!


Sylvester Stallone is easily one of the most famous and most successful actors of all time. Stallone started off by writing a movie, and he passed it to every Hollywood production possible, but he had one request, though. The hopeful actor-in-the-making would sell the film he’d written if he’d be the one to star in it. It took a long time for the aspirant to find someone who actually took a chance, but look at where he is now. Today, Stallone is not only a famous star; he is also a producer and a friend of both celebrities and people alike.

Credits to the action star and Hollywood legend, we have witnessed some of the most amazing action stunts on our screens. He has also breathed life into our favorite badass characters. Stallone did not just play an iconic boxer once; he also became a soldier, a mercenary, and a thug, to name a few. If you ask us, Stallone managed to take up more challenging roles that any action star could play in a lifetime.


Anthony Dominick Benedetto, known by his stage name Tony Bennett, is a successful singer in many fields. He does traditional pop by American standards, jazz, show tunes, and big band. He is also a very successful painter. In fact, this talented artist’s works are being displayed in several institutions up to date. Tony loves a good investment from time to time. He once risked his savings and income to the production business. From the looks of it, it seemed to have paid off, but most importantly, he had fun while trying to express his love for entertainment in a different way.

Not so long ago, his family announced to the public that Tony is undergoing some challenges with regard to his health. His battle with Alzheimer’s is awe-inspiring since he is showing signs of survival and recovery almost every day.


Tuesday Weld is one of the most beautiful and alluring actresses of her time. The blonde actress is also a model, and she has appeared in mature roles and films in the 1960s. The celebrity stunner has received several accolades, nominations, and awards during her time. Before that, she started her acting career as a child star. Weld later blossomed into a tremendous on-screen talent, especially on television.

She then made a name for herself in the dramatic field. Because Weld was an enigmatic force, Hollywood and her fans never stopped making tributes for her during her birthdays, movie anniversaries, and more. Every time people ask what her secret to a well-maintained youth is, the actress simply gives credit to her determination in pursuing her skincare routine and beauty regime. She always looked stunning when she was young, and now, none of that has changed one bit.


Dolly Parton, also known as the queen of country music, is obviously one of Hollywood’s biggest names. Her contributions to the music industry are always given credit by her many awards, nominations, special recognitions, and accolades. Aside from being a country music royalty, Dolly has also given us some of the best love songs and performances in history. Some of her most memorable live performances are her duets with fellow country legend Kenny Rogers.

One thing to love more about Dolly is her loyalty to her husband, whom she married way before she was even famous. The businesswoman and fashion icon said that her husband has always been her biggest fan. At 75 years old, the same jolly and beautiful Dolly approached us with her video going viral— it’s about her taking a shot of a certain vaccine while singing. It’s certainly an influential move for someone so iconic, especially since the public has divisive opinions regarding the global health crisis we are currently experiencing. On another note, Dolly has no plans of retiring yet. In fact, she just released some fresh music a couple of years ago, and they did well on online streaming services. It looks like this powerhouse singer has a lot more in store for us to keep us on our toes!

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