Famous Stars From The Pasts And Where They Are Now


Barbi was considered to be one of the most beautiful women around and easily deserving of a spot at Hefner’s side.After her time in Playboy she did go on to kind of re-invent herself and the tenacity she brought to her career was nothing less than impressive since her music career went on to feature eight albums, all composed written by her. To this day you can probably find a lot of her contributions when it comes to show business and the music industry if you simply look.

The biggest thing to realize about Barbi Benton, besides the fact that she’s currently retired, or semi-retired and doing quite well, is that she took a career that many young women these days seem to find as their ticket to something great and really made something out of herself. Today, life didn’t exactly turn out as she imagined, but she certainly doesn’t have any regrets since Playboy led her to true love.