Celebrity Net Worth: Find Out Who Among Your Favorite A-List Stars Have The Highest Earnings This Year


Jim Carrey is a man of many things. He is an actor, comedian, producer, writer, and artist, which all make him the perfect star in Hollywood. Jim Carey first made his name in the United States with a regular role in the TV comedy sketch series “In Living Color. ” And his first big movie was “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective .” He started in the business in the ‘80s, and with his almost four decades in the industry, he has amassed $180 million of net worth.

It is not surprising that Jim is worth this huge amount, given that he is one of the highest-paid entertainers in the world. He is the first actor in history that earns $20 million for doing a single movie, The Cable Guy. During his career, he already got hundreds of millions of dollars from film salaries and backend bonuses that would keep him far from bankruptcy.In 2017, Jim Carrey Reveals that through the creation of healing, to regain the motivation to live.