The Real Cost Of Beauty – The Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgeries


He’s one of the biggest names in music, back in the 60s and even at present. With countless chart-toppers under his belt, all considered classics even by today’s top artists. With 5 decades of experience, he definitely knows just how much appearances matter when it comes to the entertainment industry. Tom wants to remain as youthful as possible, but was eventually advised by his doctor to stop getting plastic surgery—warning that his eyes my pop out if he continued. That is certainly a serious risk and we hope he took the advice to heart. After all, we’re sure insurance doesn’t cover this one!

DEMI MOORE – $400,000 (Rumored)

It was in the 80s when we were first introduced to this dark-haired beauty and her skill at acting, as well as the roles given to her, led to major successes even throughout the 90s. In fact, she once held the distinction of being the highest paid actress in history—this is for her appearance in Striptease which earned her $12.5 million. Age has done little to diminish her gorgeous looks, but it is rumored that plastic surgery may have had a hand in this. From cheek augmentations, face lifts, and laser treatments; can we consider these investments towards staying relevant within the industry?


Sharon is well-known for her fearlessness, both in dress and in speak. No wonder she and Ozzy get along so well—in their own unique way. We were first introduced to her sass back in 2002’s The Osbourne’s, but she has went on to become one of TV’s most hilarious and most beloved hosts. Years after, she’s still as frank as they come—even admitting to the plastic surgery she has done. Breast lifts, neck liposuction, bum lifts, leg lefts, and bum implants all amounting to $160,000. Sharon thinks it’s all worth the investment money, so who are we to judge?


She’s considered by many to be the “Queen of All Media” and her physical appearance has intrigued many; with some even making guesses at what she has modified and what is natural. All that talk only served to boost her career, however, and despite plastic surgery rumors she’s only becoming more famous and richer by the day. If we’re to believe hearsay then Kim has gotten a $5,000 job done on her nose and another $5,000 for various facial modifications—including on her lips. Given that Kim’s current net worth is at $85 million, we say that’s pretty smart investment planning on her part.


Being the daughter of Demi Moore has its pros and cons—the biggest con, in this case, would be the constant comparisons to her mother’s beauty. Something that the singer-actress may have struggled with, if we are to believe the rumors that she’s done plastic surgery as well and that she’s working with the same surgeon as her mom. According to speculation, Rumer has spent over $100,000 modifications and has had jawline reconstructive surgery and rhinoplasty, among other types of surgeries. Whilst she may not need cash loans for this, we’d rather know that she’s finally happy with how she looks.

CHER – $750,000 (ESTIMATED)

She’s one of the icons of the 60s and the 70s, with her success in music opening doors for other opportunities in both modeling and acting. Whilst she’s was already gorgeous from the get-go, her trademark long and dark locks only adding to the sultriness of her appeal, Cher couldn’t escape the pressure that came with being in the public eye. She always had to look her best— something that we’re sure other celebrities share with her. The singer-actress has had eyelid alterations, Botox injections, chest augmentations, and rhinoplasties done which totals to around $750,000. We wonder how her financial advisor agrees with it.


She might be the youngest on our list, but the amount she’s spent is one of the biggest. This is all based upon speculation, but if we’re to believe rumors then it must be a coming-of-age thing for the Kardashian-Jenner family to go under the knife. So, what can $2 million get you in terms of beauty? Considering she’s now one of the highest paid influencers, with twice the amount of social media following, then the price tag will get you plenty aside from your lip fillers and other body modifications. If she’s happy and contented with it, then the investments were worth it.


You may know her better as “Catwoman” given the similarity of her features to a feline’s. To achieve this, she has spent countless dollars towards altering her appearance—so much so that there’s barely any similarities left with her old self. A scary thought for some, but perhaps this was her intention early on. The transformation didn’t happen overnight, of course, and she’s showing no signs of stopping. In an article published on the Mirror, she admits to spending $6.7 million—and counting. We wonder if this is smart money management in the long-run; her popularity can only last for so long, after all.


She’s one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood so many might be surprised to find her on our list. In this case, her modifications are rather subtle; for example, her nose is thinner than it was when she first started. There’s also the possibility of skin-smoothing procedures and an eyelid lift. Whether these are true or not, she certainly looks great and has really found success in both TV and film work, partly due to her beauty. So, if she did take out personal loans to get these procedures done, we’re glad it’s all paid off for Blake. We’re certainly not the ones to judge!


He’s one of music’s most iconic crooners, with hits such as Copacabana and Mandy to mention just a few of his chart-toppers. Despite finding success in his chosen industry, however, he hasn’t quite escaped the lure of plastic surgery. Let’s just say that unlike others who are around his age, Barry isn’t as happy with aging naturally. According to speculation, he has had many procedures done throughout the years—even fans pointed out the change in his appearance following his initial facelift. The singer denies having done anything to his face, but we cannot deny that the degree of change in his features is noticeable.