High-Paid Film Actors

Robert Downey Jr.

For the first movie of Avengers as Tony Stark or the Iron Man, Robert Downery Jr. got paid a whopping Fifty Million Dollars alone. How much more when we combine all that he made for the four Avengers movies, besides all three of the Iron Man movies, of course? It should really not come as a surprise that he makes that much for these movies because as far as this franchise is concerned, he is worth the investment! As other than the fact that it is starred by one of the World’s 100 most influential people in 2008 according to Time Magazine, it is Downey’s impeccable portrayal of the role that gave life to Tony Stark’s character.

Leonardo DiCaprio

For the 2010 science fiction thriller movie, Inception, and for the role of Dom Cobb, Leonardo DiCaprio earned at least Fifty Million Dollars. Though the movie is already a sure hit with ten times award winning screenwriter and director, Christopher Nolan, writing, directing and producing the movie, DiCaprio is a good fit for the film as he, himself is one of the top-grossing actors we have today. Also named by time as one of the World’s 100 most influential people in 2016, he makes a great catch of an investment fitting for such an equally excellent and mind boggling movie in our time.

Jack Nicholson

For the 1989 movie, Batman, and for the role of The Joker, Jack Nicholson earned Fifty Million Dollars. Although, he was initially paid Six Million Dollars for his villainous role in the movie, but because he was able to negotiate a good deal that included earnings from the box office and merchandise sales, especially in the sequels (of which he did not appear anymore as one of the casts), he is well able to make such a good pay out from it. Credits to this actor’s business foresight and wits that he was able to capitalize not just on his profession but also on the opportunities of good projects.

Harrison Ford

For the 2008 movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which is the fourth Indiana Jones of the film series, and the role as Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford was paid Sixty Five Million dollars ($65M). Reports had it, that to be able to get Ford back for the fourth movie, a deal was made of splitting large portion of the film’s earnings among Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and the lead actor, As the previous Indiana Jones movie from more than nineteen years ago, this 2008 movie instalment is a success and financially at that too. Credits to the performances, timeless action scenes and outstanding music scoring that worked perfectly together for another awesome movie experience! The fifth movie is scheduled in 2021 with Spielberg and Ford returning.

Johnny Depp

For the 2010 movie, Alice in Wonderland and for the role of The Mad Hatter, Johnny Depp is again second-mentioned as highest paid for a movie at Sixty Eight Million dollars ($68 M). The Telegraph reported that Depp actually earned 50 million pounds for the movie which is $68M in US Dollars. Regardless of the negative reviews the film received, the movie managed to hit box office and the second top-grossing film in 2010. The sequel in 2016, however, received more criticism and hit a lesser box office numbers. Still, it’s a movie credit with Johnny Depp, that alone makes a difference.

Sandra Bullock

For the 2013 movie, Gravity and her role as Dr. Ryan Stone, Sandra Bullock earned Seventy Million dollars ($70 M). According to Hollywood Reporter, Twenty Million dollars ($20M) was paid to her for the movie credit, which is already a good amount itself but since her deal included a 15% interest from the box office revenue, hence, we gave her the fourth place in our highest paid feat in this list. The movie actually is the in 8th place of the top-grossing movie of that year, grossing at $723M worldwide against a $100M total movie budget would result to definitely a good surplus income.

Tom Cruise

For the 2011 movie, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (the fourth of the film series), for the role of Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise got a pay check for Seventy Five Million dollars ($75 M). According to Forbes, Cruise earned the amount from the fourth Mission Impossible movie, which to them was reason for his inclusion in their list of the most powerful actors in 2012. Ghost Protocol easily became the top-grossing of all four movies released before it was surpassed by 2018 Mission Impossible: Fallout making this movie the second highest grossing film of $694 M with lead movie credit of Tom Cruise. And this pay check is just because of Cruise’ movie credit as actor, how much more as producer against movie budget of $140 M?

Will Smith

For the 2012 movie, Men in Black 3 and for the role of Agent J, Will Smith landed in a One Hundred Million dollars ($100 million) pay check. According to The Hollywood Reporter Smith’s performance-based pay deal for the third “Men in Black” movie got Smith $100 million of its $624 million gross. It’s really no surprise that he earns this much, after all, Forbes did rank him as the most bankable star worldwide with top grossing movies as of 2016 his films grossed a total of $7.5 B. He, is, indeed a profitable movie star investment of his time.

Keanu Reeves

For the movie, The Matrix trilogy and for the role of Neo, Keanu Reeves earned a total of Two Hundred Fifty Million dollars ($250 M) combined for all three movies. Reeves who played the lead actor among others has made so much impact in his performance of his role as Neo. Most of the action they did in the movie greatly influenced action filmmaking to the degree that it is one of the reasons why the movie was added to the National Film Registry for preservation. Also in the news, that Warner Bros. Pictures, the owner of the franchise, officially confirmed of fourth Matrix film is in the making and is currently being developed with Village Roadshow Picture and with Reeves reprising his role. Fans must watch out!

Emma Stone

For the 2016 romantic comedy-drama musical movie, La La Land, for the lead role as Mia, Emma Stone got paid for Twenty Six Million dollars ($26M). In 2017, Stone came in top of Forbes’ list of the world’s highest paid actresses due to this movie credit pay check, of which, mostly was earned by her from her Academy Award for Best Actress. Not bad for Stone who, herself, was once an aspiring actress who also moved to Los Angeles to pursue her Hollywood dreams. On the same year also, she was featured by Time as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.