These Are The Rising Industries That You Can Consider If You’re Looking For A New Investment

Everybody has an idea or two about setting up a business and the industry that they wanted to work in. However, how would we know the likelihood of that investment to succeed?

We have to take into consideration the current trends and how each industry responds to newly established ventures. Let’s take a look at the best industries that will bring us closer to our goal this 2019. With that in mind, let’s get started!


As the population rises in urban areas, the need for public transportation is looking to get a steady upsurge in numbers, especially in major cities and business sites. Let’s look at some numbers.

Experts even mentioned that in a couple of decades, most of the major cities around the world will cater to almost half of the planet’s population. With the current urban planning we have in major cities and the volume of private commuters, there will be a huge hole to fill when it comes to moving around the cities.

Micro-mobility will be a thing in case we reach that point. This means small motorized vehicles such as e-scooters, electric bikes and other battery-powered transport will soon flood the market. Because of its sheer agility, it can move around the concrete jungle of urban cities. It is also less susceptible to pollution.

Online Classes

Education cost is one of the most dreadful expenses we can have. Most students find it hard and resort to loans just to sustain their studies. However, due to the rise of the internet, many online platforms that offer online courses started to blossom into full-pledge businesses.

Initial capital for this kind of business is very minimal, and you just need to make sure you have the right accreditation and skillset to operate and be competitive. It is also best if you can apply a unique selling point to your services that will give you an edge and will keep your clients coming back for more.


The use of medicinal CBD is currently becoming popular, and some countries already open up their door for this industry. The non-psychoactive component found in cannabis helps people suffering from chronic conditions.

It may be a new industry to bet your money, but the potential return of investment coming from this line of business is hard to ignore.

Tourism and Eco Location

A lot of people in the working class find ways to unwind and escape from the stressful days in the city. This is where this industry will come in. In the past couple of years, we see a rising trend when it comes to environmental awareness, and people who are in this kind of field is taking advantage of it.

AirBnB and short-term tourist stops might be your best bet if you’re looking to take part in this industry. There is a huge investment at first but you’ll see a stable income from this once you gained enough reputation and reviews from your previous visitors. You can also add necessities such as food and drinks into your business for added revenue.

Renewable Energy

Global warming, pollution, and high oil prices are the main drivers why this industry is starting to go mainstream. Utility companies such as solar installations and other renewable energy firms will start to hit the common market in the coming years. If you’re looking for an innovative and Earth-friendly investment, this might be the best option for you.

Time, technology, and money will be your main capital for this one. You might shell out an insane amount of money, but the return would be well worth it. However, you can probably work around it by looking for additional investors to fund your venture.

All of these are viable options if you are looking to get a stable source of income for the future. Of course, there are risks involved, so further education about the industry you plan to venture is required.

We also need to consider the possibility of a failed investment. However, with proper planning and good money management, we are sure you’ll reach your goal towards financial stability.

Based on Materials from Points Prizes
Photo Sources: Gotomeeting, Flickr, Pixabay