Six Things That You Should Only Be Renting

Some people prefer buying for different reasons, and it may be because of the sentimental value. It may also be because they want to pass it on to their daughters or sons. But if we are going to talk about being practical, it is always ideal to rent. It can be a wedding dress, a car, or even a home.

Millennials or the people who were born in 1981 to 1996 are also known as the “rent generation.” May it be a student loan or a home purchase, there is nothing wrong with renting, especially if this is more practical for you.

For millennials, experiences are more essential for them compared to things. They also prefer lives that are transportable instead of staying in one place together with the entire family. Typically, there are just some things that are worth purchasing, while there are also some that should just be rented.

If you are still having second thoughts whether to rent or buy some, the information below as to what things are better off rented will help you decide.

Things That Are Much Better Rented


Dresses may be nice, but there are just some dresses that are not complete without some jewelry. However, it will not be practical if you go to a jewelry store and buy yourself a diamond necklace just because you need it for a dress for that specific occasion. Fortunately, there are now jewelry companies where they let people rent their pieces. It is becoming more and more popular, just like how to dress rentals are.


Furniture is an essential part of every home, but if you’re someone who moves frequently, it can become a problem. It can be difficult to store an entire sofa set, especially if you decide to move into a smaller place. Fortunately, there are now rental companies where you can rent some functional pieces. The good thing about this furniture is that they are affordable enough for you, not to worry. When the time comes that you need to give it back, all you have to do is to contact them.

Power Tools

There will be some instances where your home may need some maintenance. You may need a screwdriver set or a hammer to help you fix anything that needs to be fixed in your home. There are also companies who will let you rent industrial tools that you need for your home maintenance. This is much better compared to purchasing expensive power tools that you won’t be able to use daily. Plus, these tools need a storage room. So renting is the best option for them.


Some people have a photographer phase, where they feel the need to purchase a good camera. But the problem with this is that if you are just going to use it to take photos during a party, then it is better off renting. If you’re going to use the camera to help you earn additional income, then, by all means, purchase one. But if it’s only for parties, birthday, weddings, or your next vacation, it would be better to rent a camera. There are now cameras that can be rented and ones that can produce high-resolution photos.

Homes For Vacation

It may be tempting to have a home where you can go to have a vacation. However, this doesn’t only mean that you need to take care of it, but also to maintain it. There are now VRBO or Vacation Rental By Owner and Airbnb, where you can rent a place and stay there for a short period of time. These are affordable and will also give you the feeling of a home without actually buying one. This also means that you can use the money that you’re supposed to use for purchasing the home in traveling the world instead of just spending it in one place.

Seasonal Needs

There are also seasonal needs that can be rented, including grills, sleeping bags, tents, and other camping gears. These gears can be rented instead of purchasing them, especially if you’re just going to use it once every year. There are now rental companies that will let you rent seasonal things for more or less $10-15 per week. You can also rent luggage or suitcases for your vacation.


These are the six things that you should only be renting, especially if you’re not going to use them for an extended period of time. Renting is a practical way to save money and use it for more important things. All you have to do is make sure that these rentals are in good condition. This will make you feel as if you have purchased a new furniture, camera, or camping gear for your next camping trip.

Photo Sources: Financial Times, Flickr

Based on Materials from Her Money