Highlight the factors that make it more essential to your business.

We see a recent upward trend in the real estate market scene, and that means there will be huge demands for home stagers in the coming future. With that in mind, most real estate firms are now gearing up their home staging skills.

The National Association of Realtors made a study last year, and their data shows that about 62 percent of homeowners’ properties spent less time on the market after going through home staging. This means the property will be on the listing for less amount of time. This also implies that sellers will liquidate their assets quicker so they can focus on other stuff.

The report also shows that almost one-third of the sellers’ agents saw a price increase of up to five percent. It also states that about twenty-eight percent saw an eight to ten percent increase in the stated price after going through a home staging firm.

Home Stagers and Interior Designers

If you’re wondering what home staging really means, let’s dive down into some details. Similar to interior designers, home stagers are professional artists that handle the design aspect of a real estate investment.

To explain it more clearly, interior designers already have clients to work with and the real estate property to play around. They can specifically take their designs based on their clients’ personalities. That means their work field is already set. All they have to do is to mix and match other aspects of the estate to fit their clients’ needs.

On the other hand, home stagers are tasked with making a real estate investment appealing for everyone. That means’ their designs were not taken from ideas based on what their specific buyers’ need and personalities. Their works are made for the open market and need the majority of the people who need to grasp the logic behind their designs.

If you are working for a real estate firm and your clients wanted to stage their home, you have the option to work your way up and stage it yourself. You can also hire services coming from professional home staging companies. If your mind is set to the second option, there should be little work to worry about.

Interior Designers Venturing Into Home Staging

Hiring an interior designer might also help. However, the nature of the work might have a slight difference when it comes to executing the design they have in mind. If this is the case, experts recommend hiring interior designers who you already worked with in the past. This will bring clearer results since they already know how you would like things to be made and the whole process will be a lot smoother.

Home stagers also work with limited time and inventory, so they have to improvise most of the time. In some cases, they even went out renting items just to make the place more presentable to the public. Most of them shelled out their first batch of profit to get more appropriate stuff for the property.

One thing to keep in mind if an interior designer wants to join a home staging firm: interior Designers that want to learn the craft in home staging might have to unlearn some of the things they have acquired in the past and approach home staging with a new set of eyes. Most designers are used to the part of personalizing homes, but home stagers remove the personality of the property. They make it versatile so it can fit most people with different tastes.

Another thing worth mentioning is that interior designers might put their whole effort in the project for home staging, but some people might not really get the message they want to convey. If that’s the case, just hold up your emotions and keep yourself in-check all the time. This might hurt your ego, but the only thing matters for home stagers is closing the deal and selling the property.

Based on Materials from Architectural Digest
Photo Sources: Lightcastle.bd, Wikimedia commons, Pixabay