Famous Stars From The Pasts And Where They Are Now


Sylvester Stallone is easily one of the most famous and most successful actors of all time. Stallone started off by writing a movie, and he passed it to every Hollywood production possible, but he had one request, though. The hopeful actor-in-the-making would sell the film he’d written if he’d be the one to star in it. It took a long time for the aspirant to find someone who actually took a chance, but look at where he is now. Today, Stallone is not only a famous star; he is also a producer and a friend of both celebrities and people alike.

Credits to the action star and Hollywood legend, we have witnessed some of the most amazing action stunts on our screens. He has also breathed life into our favorite badass characters. Stallone did not just play an iconic boxer once; he also became a soldier, a mercenary, and a thug, to name a few. If you ask us, Stallone managed to take up more challenging roles that any action star could play in a lifetime.